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Boeing Brown

on 18 March 2010

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Transcript of Oil

How is it obtained?

It is obtained by heavy
machinery drilling into the ground,
the oil then is forced to the surface
and contained How many people use it?

Millions of people use
oil each day

What is oil?

Oil is a fossil fuel that
is burned to create energy
Why should we not use it?

One big reason we should not use
oil is that it creates a lot of pollution Is it imported or produced?

Oil is both imported and produced
in the US
Will it be here in the

Yes scientist are now using high
tech equipment to find new oil
reserves on land and under the ocean
Can this be used to
create electricity?

Yes Does this fuel effect
the enviornment?

Yes there are numerous oil
spills throughout the year that
greatly effect wildlife Are their other uses
for oil?

Yes there are many diffrent uses
for oil for example car oil OIL Why should we use it?

We should use it becuase
it powers things we use every day
like cars How much oil is used each day?

Eighty-four million barrels of oil are consumed in the world each day
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