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Facility Bond Referendum

Information presentation for the facility bond meeting scheduled Tuesday November 13, 7:30 PM

Staci Allmaras

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Facility Bond Referendum

do we need a new school?
isn't our current facility working?
do we need to vote on a referendum? is impacted? New Facility Bond Referendum 12/17/12 Information Presentation regarding the
upcoming Facility Bond Referendum Vote for
the residents of the Rothsay Public School District Why... Who.... Storage Needs Stage is currently used for storage In August, 2012, a facility analysis was completed by Wold Architects and Engineers; the report concluded that $6.5 million in updates need to be completed in order to bring the current building up to code.
With the addition of square footage, the total renovation project would cost approximately $16 million. Current Facility Needs Storage Space in Hallways Exposed Wiring Uni vents Uni vent systems are beyond their useful life Storage in maintenance facilities very crowded office and reception area crowded for the amount of traffic each day Technology needs are becoming larger, space is inadequate for the needs exposure of wiring no place for equipment storage (bottom of stairwell) athletic storage crowded and not containing all of the football equipment weight room facilities crowded with limited access
and outdated equipment Desks are at least 50 years old Over Crowded Lunchroom Facility Kitchen Facilities Need Many Updates
(details included in engineer's report) Classroom facilities crowded with
outdated equipment Art Room/Health Room/Cooking Facility/Teachers Lounge =
not enough space Computer Labs are unreliable due to constant repairs and updates in technology infrastructure - this particular lab does not have correct temperature control for a computer lab The state of Minnesota recommends new construction when a renovation project becomes more than 40% of the current facilities value
($2 million). A Brand New Facility including some Renovations to Current Facility is $24 million Solution Challenges Cost Proposed project is $24 million; bond rates are between 1 and 3 percent; individual tax impact information is available by contacting Ehlers at
Construction costs are estimated to increase at a rate of 2 - 4% each year plus increased costs of fabricators, suppliers, material mills, etc. The Rothsay Board of education unanimously agree that the best solution to the growing list of challenges our district faces is
to build a new school facility. After a structural evaluation of
our existing facility for it's ability to meet current fire, building, and life safety codes, and an analysis of current program needs, along with the trends of increased enrollment at about 20 new students each year, it has been determined we are no longer meeting the minimum requirements that
our students deserve. We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt will the new facility offer?
will happen to the current facility? What... Kids School Community - growth
- program updates
- current facility changes
- technology improvements
- energy efficient building
- dollars saved in repairs to
current facility - growth
- collaboration with city and fire
- community center
- daycare/preschool programs
- potential for future housing
- taxes - increase or decrease
dependent on property value - opportunities
- adequate facilities conducive to
meeting educational needs
- current and future technology
- improved environment for learning
- more space; classrooms,
gymnasium, lunchroom, outdoor
areas New Facility Current Facility Together Future Ideas - 91,000 gross sq. ft
- central office area
- preschool and daycare facilities
- two classrooms/grade K - 6
- special education section with resource rooms
- 4 high school classrooms
- industrial tech, science lab, art room with kiln,
- band/choir room, stage, computer lab/business
gymnasium with 2 courts, fitness room, locker
rooms with visitor changing areas
- cafeteria space for 150, kitchen facilities with 2
serving lines, ala-carte - Remove 1910 and 1927 sections
move heating
- use gymnasium, locker rooms
and classrooms for community,
city and school use
- possible adjoining Fire Department The community will have access to quality facilities for school and community events including space and efficiency of athletic practices and events, along with a variety of other uses for community use. Unsafe structures plaster walls need repair Cafeteria Ideas Picture from a New Elementary School An open office area from a new school Sketch for a future New School Facility Thank You - please feel free to contact
the school with further questions
and Ehlers Financial Consultants for
information regarding your tax impact.
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