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Selor... an introduction in 10 steps

No description

Cindy Dewaele

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Selor... an introduction in 10 steps

Selor als werkgever http://www.youtube.com/selorbe#p/u/9/l1-KOkpEkYM 2. Selor... more than selection? 1. Vision & ambition 3. Focus on public sector 4. Added value for the candidate 5. Partner in a network 6. Selor community on basis of a Qualityhandbook 7. Special attention to diversity 8. In to social media ç. Selor.be ... check it out 10. Attractive employer young age pyramid value driven professionalism
client oriented
room voor talent
independant ...certification of
competences ...screening of competences it's also about... and... recruitement communication, R&D, state of the art testinfrastructure Board of stakeholders Synerjob Scientific comitee Unions Diversitypartners clients Epso Cocom universities Selor consultants, certified agents within the clients hr-departments (hr-businesspartners) and certified freelancers all work on a common quality model designed by Selor Development oriented and
competence based feedback Reasonable adaptions for
disabled people during testing Selor Talentmanagement Powered by Selor Selor Proximity Selor Engagement Center of expertise - To service a client in quick and efficient way by means of a client oriented end to end and total solutions approach.
- To empower the client in order to give him more autonomy in filling his needs.
- To delineate, optimize and professionalize the product- en services catalogue supported by R&D and a strategic CRM.
- To offer an added value to the candidate after a screening by Selor.
- To lower the threshold for talented profiles and to increase the personal approach by a tailor made service.
- To offer competence based solutions and to attract new customers by means of a proper methodology, supported by innovative tools and know-how.
- To certify clients and partners in the Selor methodology in order to increase the recognition and to build an external workforce capacity.
- To install an HR-policy with a focus on leveraging the expertise, the leadership and a client oriented, end-to-end responsibility of the employees
- To work in a more efficient en professional way to optimize and document the processes, supported by a clear organizational structure
- To position Selor as a trendsetter in corporate governance more than 1200 friends Recruitment via
linkedin Selor twitter account you tube
video channel Selor consultants,
certified clients and
freelancers ... all work on the basis of the Selor qualityhandbook dfskgjkl
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