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The Middle Colonies

No description

James Gearing

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of The Middle Colonies

Bibliography Page
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New York and New Jersey
-New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch in 1613

-New Amsterdam was the center of fur trade

-In 1664 an English fleet captured New Amsterdam without firing a single shot

-The English renamed New Netherland, New York and New Amsterdam, New York City

-Peter Stuyvesant was forced to surrender New Amsterdam in 1664
The Middle Colonies
William Penn
Penn's Colony
Quakers- a society of friends.They believed that salvation was available for all people.

William Penn was a Quaker who started the colony of Pennsylvania.

Quakers believed in equality for men and women.

supported nonviolence and religious tolerance for all people.

Charles II gave William Penn a charter to start a colony.

Capital of Pennsylvania was Philadelphia
Later Duke of York sold Delaware to Penn.

Delaware would remain part of Pennsylvania until 1776.

Pennsylvania means Penn's woods
Economy of the Middle Colonies
Peter Stuyvesant
Jobs Page
New York and New Jersey Notes
Penn's Colony Notes
Crossword Puzzle, Video, Fill In
Economy Notes
: Group Facilitator
Assessment, Jobs Page

-Combined characteristics of other 2 colonies (Farming)

-Large amount of staple crops (always needed) These include wheat, barley, oats, and livestock

-Slaves more important in Middle Colonies

-Blacksmiths, carpenters, farms, on board ships, and growing ship building industries

-1760 Philly became biggest British colony NYC grew quickly too

-Trade was important
Merchants in Philly and NYC exported goods
Wheat from NYC, PA, NJ

-Women ran farms and businesses, clothing, nurses, worked in home, managed
children, and provided paid services such as watching clothes
Economy cont.
The currency of the colonies
Start: 2:13
End: End of video
Zachary: "The Middle Colonies." SchoolTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Mar. 2015.
Pennsylvania and Delaware
Video about Quakers & William Penn
1. Philidelphia
2. Staple Crops
3. New York
4. Trade

1. England
2. Middle Colonies
3. Peter Stuyvesant
4. William Penn
5. Quakers
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