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How to write an awesome adventure story

No description

Jenny Sparkes

on 5 July 2011

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Transcript of How to write an awesome adventure story

Write five chapters: opening, build-up, climax, resolution and ending Your ending mentions something from
the start of the story. e.g. a warning I used suspense at the end of at least one chapter (The de de de moment!) Use speech and powerful verbs to describe characters Choose adjectives, simile and precise
nouns to add good description. Use speech marks correctly Present your story attractively and
included a title page and author details Start sentences in different ways – for example, with an adverbial phrase, a connective or a verb You have used good movement
and looking words. The tunnel was as dark as charcoal
The stone was as cold as __________.
The___________was as sharp as a knife.
Don't use the words like stuff, things or scary.
Think of the objects and use their names. sprinted

With your talking partner
think of 10 words to describe
moving quickly.
What about slowly? You don't scare me, declared Baby B
as he laughed at Retsnom. Nick moaned, I'm frightened
and he quickly rolled up into a
ball. How to write an awesome
adventure story! Quick! Think of 5
looking words! Cautiously, he pushed the door and Before he could look... Excitedly he ripped open the paper. Expertly he gripped the sword's hilt... Think of a sentence that begins Happily... Challenge!
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