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Airsoft guns

No description

brody leblanc

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Airsoft guns

Brodys c-tac
This is a C-tac sportline.this is what I use when i get in a war.it is ment for pro airsofters.
airsoft m-4
so this is a m-4 airsoft gun it is used in advanced airsofting advanced is one leage from pro i use this gun im in advanced
airsoft pistol
so this is a airsoft pistol it is used in beginner levels it shoots 50 feet
airsoft p-90
airsoft gear
Brodys Pistols
This is my ss1911 tactical it helps when i,m loading my rifle. it was made by skeleton Sidearms It is a company that makes sells and buys Airsoft guns. my pistol is made for the pro leage
haydens gun
brodys gun
so to play airsoft you need

good pants,a bullet proof vest, eye

shoes not foot floops
Wills gun
airsoft mini gun
so as you see this is a airsoft mini gun it
is used in pro leage
so this is a p-90 air
softgun used in pro
You need trees In a air soft field
you need good tall grass to use in cover you
need small or large logs to hide behind
this is our prezi
hope you enjoy

the average airsoft team number is 8 people 1 sniper 1 machine gun 2 rifles 2 ak47s 2 shotguns
laws of airsoft
there are 4 rules in airsoft
1.never aim for the head
2.aim below the shoulders
3.play in a forest area
4.have fun
places to get airsoft guns
this is a good place to by guns
what leagues are there
thare are 4 leages in air-soft thare is beggines,
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