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No description

Jessica Powell

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Racism

why are we so racist?
Look at the person next to you, are they different? Well why don't we be racist to them? If you thought that it was because they're your friend well why don't we give others a chance. Honestly i really don't get it why we are so racist to other just because their different. We are not worth this we need to stand up for people that's self-esteem has been ruined by what people have said to them or behind their backs.
What's in it for us
Multiculturalism in Australia is great nearly everyone has fun learning about different cultures. Pretty much everything that we use everyday is from another country, its great
A lot of people of a different race are treated very badly just because they're different but everyone is different in their own ways! There will never be any difference between light or dark skin, dumb or smart, ugly or pretty either way we are all the same underneath. Sure we all have different personalities, some are bad but most are all right. Differences so what we are all still human, we all have the same rights and the same love for one another.
What makes us better than them?
Image walking down the street with people yelling at you saying go back to your own country, stop ruining our society, being bashed up, excluded from a group or deliberately kicked out of a hotel or restaurant because your different. More than 1 in 20 Australian people have said that they have been physically attacked because of the way they look or speak. Levels on racism has significantly increased over the past five years and is getting worse, and that's only what people have reported.
Cultures collaborating in Australia
There is NO difference!
How can we stop racism?
Racism. It Stops With Me. Is a campaign to stop Racism when and where it happens. Most bystanders that come across a racist comment just ignores it because they are scared of what might happen next. Ever rarely does someone stand up to racism and when they do its very scary but when you do you will be proud and will often make the person who said it think twice about what they said. Never ever put yourself at danger or risk but when you have the chance and feel safe stand up for what you believe in, trust me I've done it before you will feel a whole lot better after.
Racist jokes or comments are no where near funny! People that say them or laugh at them are just messed up!
Websites I used
White Australian Policy
The White Australian Policy (1901), The Rabbit proof fence (1931) and Moore River Native Settlement (1918) were terrible policies that went on during the early 1900's to the 1950-1960's. But there was some people that stood up to this like Martin Luther King Jr, the three mixed-race Aboriginal girls.These brave people that discourage these policies and stopped them are very strong people in all different ways.
Thanks for listening :)
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