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Bradley Vogel

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Hercules

How much do you really know about Hercules? Hercules' Birth Disney's Hercules Greek Goddess Hera Pre-birth Zeus, the ruler of all gods and mortals was the father of Perseus who is famous for beheading Medusa. Perseus' granddaughter Alcmene was the mother of Hercules and Zeus was the father. With the discovery of Alcmene's pregnancy, Hera, Zeus' wife, became furious and began plotting against Hercules from that moment on. Zeus intended Hercules to become the king of Mycenae, but Hera's meddling and powers made the weak Eurytheus the ruler of the Mycenaean Kingdom. As a baby, it was Hera, not Hades as shown in the Disney movie, that sent two snakes to strangle Hercules in his crib. However, Hercules proved his strength and bravery by strangling the snakes instead. Hera's Schemes Apollo, god of truth and healing As a young man, Hercules was put under a spell by Hera which made him insane. In his insanity he murdered his wife and two children. Feeling guilty, Hercules sought out Apollo to be punished. Although Hera's vengeance was no secret, Apollo gave Hercules twelve "heroic labors" for King Eurystheus to make amends. Once accomplished, Hercules would be forgiven and achieve immortality 1. The Nemean Lion Hercules was sent to kill a magical lion said to be fathered by Zeus. The beast terrorized the people of Nemea. Hercules defeated the lion by trapping it in a cave and strangling it to death. From that day on, Hercules kept the beast's pelt and wore it always. 2. The Lernaean Hydra In the city of Lerna, Hercules recruited his nephew Lolaus, to help him slay the nine-headed hydra, a venomous snake-like monster. The hydra lived underwater and guarded the entrance to the underworld. The tricky part about killing the hydra was the every time one head was cut off, another grew back in its place. To solve this problem Lolaus burned the beast's necks after Hercules cut its heads off which stopped them from growing back. 3. The Golden Hind Pet of the goddess Diana Eurystheus knew Diana would kill anyone who tried to kill her pet. Hoping for Hercules' death, Eurystheus sent him to do just that. After killing the golden hind and confronting Diana, Hercules explained his situation and Diana let him go. 4. The Erymanthean Boar Hercules used a giant net to capture and slay this wild, man-eating boar on Mount Erymanthus. 5. The Augean Stables In order to humiliate Hercules, Eurytheus had him clean the dung out of King Augeas' huge stables. This taks seemed impossible considering Eurytheus put a time limit of one day on it. For Hercules, the task proved to be fairly easy and quick. He diverted two rivers nearby to flood the stables, washing away all of the dung. 6. The Stymphlaian Birds (Not an accurate portrayal of the Stymphlaian Birds) Hercules had to travel to Stymphalos to drive out an enormous flock of carnivorous birds. The goddess Athena aided Hercules by giving him a pair of magic bronze Krotala (noise makers) forged by Hephaistos. He used this device to scare away the birds. Outline Hercules' Beginning
The Twelve Heroic Labors
Differences between Disney and Greek Mythology
Why is this important? 7. The Cretan Bull Hercules had to capture a rampaging bull in Crete that had impregnated the wife of the King of the island. The wife later gave birth to the Minotaur. Hercules returned to Eurystheus who then released the bull in Marathon. 8. The Horses of Diomedes The eighth challenge was to capture the four man eating horses belonging to King Diomedes. Hercules brought them back to Eurystheus who dedicated them to Hera and set them free. 9. Hippolyte's Belt Hercules had to get the belt of the Amazon Queen Hippolyte. At first she gave it to him willingly, but Hera involved herself. Hera, disguised as an Amazon warrior, spread rumors that Hercules was planning to kidnap the queen. The queen attacked Hercules and he was forced to kill her and take her belt. 10. The Cattle of Geryon Hercules' task was to steal the cattle of the monster Geryon in Africa. Despite Hera's attempts to stop him, Hercules successfully returned to Mycenae with the cows. For this task, Hercules needed the help of Prometheus and Atlas. Together, they stole Hera's wedding gift to Zeus, a set of golden apples guarded by nymphs called the Hesperides. 11. The Apples of Hesperides 12. Cerberus The Disney movie was correct in placing Ceberus, the three-headed dog, at the entrance of the underworld which it guarded. Unfortunately for Hercules, kidnapping it was not as easy as throwing it a giant T-bone. Hercules had to wrestle the beast to the ground in order to kidnap it. Afterwards, Ceberus was returned to gaurd the entrance again.
Hercules went on many other adventures and did indeed achieve immortality with the Gods. Why is Hercules important? . . . He's not all that important to most of us BUT... Hercules shows us... The story of Hercules shows us how we CANNOT trust movies to be historically accurate Parents: Zeus and Alcmene
Snakes sent by Hera
Pegasus is the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa. Hercules never rides it.
Hades, god of the underworld is not evil, Hera is the "bad guy"
Philoctetes never trained Hercules. He was a child when Hercules died. Parents: Zeus and Hera
Snakes were demons sent by Hades
Zeus created Pegasus from the clouds for Hercules Hades is the "bad guy" Philoctetes or "Phil" traided Hercules Mythology Disney Bibliography http://www.history.com/topics/hercules
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