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No description

Christal Cheung

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of V A N U A T U

Prep for all the programs and materials that will be needed
Raising support - Prayer, Care, Share
Pray that the Lord would provide funds so that we would not be a burden to the people we stay with in Vanuatu
Pray that we would have funds to help support the people of Vanuatu even after we leave
Mentally prepare for July
That God will open the hearts of those in Vanuatu who we will be serving
Pray for continued funds through various charities as the people recover from Cyclone Pam
|| P O R T V I L A | 1-2 JULY ||
Safe Travel to Vanuatu and within the Islands
Good Health for the team
Good team dynamics
No hiccups with getting there and back (the paperwork!)
Bislama practice at the markets
|| P E L E | 3 - 4 JULY ||
Kids and Church outreach
Village life
Cyclone Pam
Pray for the people who have lost loved ones, that the Gospel would be of comfort and hope
Pray for the wisdom of those who distribute aid - that it would be done fairly and in love
Pray that God would be glorified in the situation
|| M I N I S T R Y T R A I N I N G C E N T R E S | 6 - 9 JULY ||
Pray for those who are teaching at the colleges; that they would be faithful in training up the students
Pray for the students at the colleges, some of whom are not even Christians yet
Pray for us as we teach on Mark and Exodus at the college
|| S K R I P J A Y U N Y O N ( S C R I P T U R E U N I O N ) | 20 - 22 JULY ||
Praise God for this ministry to young children, where they can learn the truth about the Lord Jesus
Pray that many children might come to know the love of Jesus
Pray for us as we partner with Scripture Union in faithfully instructing the kids in God's Word
|| U S P C F | 22 - 24 JULY ||
University of South Pacific Christian Fellowship
University Ministry like Credo
Partner with students at NTE
Pray that God will bring up godly student leaders
Pray for their start of semester events
Pray for student's growth in Christ and that they would take the gospel seriously
W H O ?
Jaison | Jason
Maree | Mari
Caleb | Kaeleb
Joel | Jo-el
Caitlin | Kaetlen
Timmy | Timi
Christal | Kristal
| M E 2 F O R V 2 |
|| Jason | Kristal | Mari | Kaetlen | Jo-el | Kaeleb | Timi ||
W H A T ?
|| S Y D N E Y | AFTER JULY ||
Pray for us as we come back from a month long mission
Pray that we will settle back into routine and straight back into Semester 2, without too much culture shock
Pray that we will receive care from support networks
Pray that we will be able to share and reflect on what we've learnt
Thank God for the opportunities he gives us
Pray that there will be follow up to those we've come in contact with
|| T H E S U M M E R I N S T I T U T E O F L I N G U I S T I C S | 17-22 JULY||
Co-ordinates translation of the Bible into the 116 languages of Vanuatu
There are currently 10 translation projects underway
The gospel is in Vanuatu, but it needs to be translated!
Pray that God will train people to translate His Word into all the different languages
Pray for increased literacy in Vanuatu so people will be able to read the word
Pray that His Word and its message will be faithfully translated
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