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Famous American All-Star Cheerleaders

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Victoria Brungardt

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Famous American All-Star Cheerleaders

Kiara Nowlin
*Has been cheering since she was 4 years old
Erica Englebert
*Cheers for Cheer Extreme
Carly Manning
*Cheers for Cheer Athletics Panthers
Maddie Gardner
*Has been cheering since she was 4 years old! (16 years!)
Jamie Andries

Cami Branson
*Used to cheer for Cheer Athletics Cheetahs, but now cheers for Spirit of Texas
Gabi Butler
*Cheers for CA Allstars SMOED

*Cheers for Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
Famous American All-Star Cheerleaders
There are so many amazing All-Star cheerleaders. Of course that's why they got accepted! But, there are some famous cheerleaders. They are very well known in the cheer world. Most cheerleaders call them Cheerlebrities. Of course most people say Cheerleading isn't a sport, well they probably haven't seen All-Star Cheer.
*Cheers for the Cheer Athletic Cheetahs on the Large Sr. Coed Lvl. 5
*Won the 2012 Worlds with her team. Worlds is the largest cheer computation you can win
*Is a school cheerleader and sophomore at Allen High School in Texas
*Won 10 IASF World Championships, 23 Worlds Medals, 65 NCA National Titles
*Has Won Worlds 3x with her team
*Has been cheering for almost 10 years
*An award-winning flyer
*Has been cheering since she was 5, and has been cheering on a Level 5 team since she was 7.
*Cheered for Cheer Extreme Allstars, but now is in college.
*Has won Worlds 2x with her team
*Traveled half-way across the country just to cheer on SMOED.
*Is a main flyer
*Gabi used to cheer for Top Gun
*Cheered for California All-Stars SMOED, but then left for college
*Is a World Champion power tumbler
*Has been on a Level 5 team for 6 years
*Is a very well known cheerleader
Peyton Mabry
*Won Worlds with her team (Worlds is the biggest cheer competition you can win!)
* A 3x NCA champion
As you can see, that's
just some of the amazing All-Star Cheerleaders in the cheer world! To top it all of, I will show you the 2013 Cheer Athletic Cheetahs Worlds video!
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