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Welcome to AP Biology!

No description

Sarah Blechacz

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to AP Biology!

What about the AP Exam?
What you need to bring
every day…
A little about the course…
We’ll explore:
the nature of science
cell processes
animal physiology

We’re going to learn about these topics through scientific inquiry (starting today!)
Mrs. Blechacz

Welcome to
AP Biology!
With the proper motivation and work ethic, EVERY STUDENT has the ability to learn and be successful in this class.

If extra help is needed come in and see me before or after school or during lunch- I am always here to help you! 
How we do things around here…
Three-ring binder and loose leaf paper or notebook

Keep everything in your binder!

You can keep your book at home.
Questions from old exams will be mixed into each exam

In preparation for the AP Biology Exam, we will begin cumulative review 3 weeks prior to the exam.
-We will have one full week set aside for in-class review
-Cumulative in-class exam (discuss curve & class expectations)
-The final week prior to the exam, we will go over our exam in class.

AP Exam is scheduled for May 13th, 2019
Standard Grading scale

Accumulation of points

You may earn up to 15 points worth of extra credit per semester.

Answering questions at the end of each chapter, summarizing a science related article, correcting typos on handouts and in presentations, and creating independent projects.
About the bathroom…
First or last 10 minutes? No.
Are we in the middle of talking about something? No.
Don’t ask me unless it is an emergency.
Everything we do in class is important.
You need to be here!
No electronics of any kind will be allowed in class, unless approved by me, or they will be confiscated.
Don’t cheat! Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited and will result in a loss of credit for the assignment.
Discipline action plan:
Warning, conference, referral.
The classroom is a forum based on mutual respect between the teacher and the students and maximal learning for all students. Therefore, the following procedures will be observed:

Follow ALL CdS policies

Remain attentive and actively engaged

Have materials for class EVERY day
-Open note quizzes

Class participation is expected of all students!

NO food or drink in class- except water

DO NOT touch lab equipment unless instructed to do so! (Tour)

Our ground rules…
A few more ground rules…
How you will be graded…
Daily board questions

Weekly pop-quizzes

Laboratory investigations
-Lab reports




-NOT open-note!
Welcome to AP Biology!
Sign up to receive reminders and important info from me via remind.com!
All information is completely confidential!
Course Websites:
All Purpose Hub
: https://sites.google.com/a/tuhsd.k12.az.us/mrs-blechacz-science/
Canvas Page
A Little About Me...
B.S. Kinesiology,
M.Ed. Secondary Ed.,
Ed.D. Leadership and Innovation!
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