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Boston Tea Party

No description

Angelique Lee

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Boston Tea Party

1-2) On December 16, 1773,
the patriots refused to buy tea that
had taxes. So, this was the day that the patriots dressed up as Native Americans and dumped the new shipment of tea into Pearl Harbor. This was the memorious day know as the Boston Tea Party. Driving Question
How did the Boston Tea Party affect the colonists and the British government? Boston Tea Party 3) The Tea party was a declaration that
the citizens didn't follow the Tea Act. The Tea Act was written by the Parliament of Great Britain and designed to prop up the British East India Company which couldn't sell eight million pounds of tea. That tea was sent straight to the colonies and sold at a bargain price. This act under cut all of the colonists tea merchants. Essential Questions
1) What is the Boston Tea Party?
2) What did the colonists dress up as when the Boston Tea Party took place?
3) What was the Tea Act?
4) What does the phrase,"taxation without representation" mean? 4) Taxation without representation is a saying that reflected
the opinion of the colonists about being taxed. This became an anti-british slogan for all colonists. It was said towards the British parliament for making the law of taxation. The full phrase is, "Taxation without representation is tyranny." In 1773 - The Tea Act was passed as an official law by the Parliament. All of the colonists were outraged with this manner and demanded that this madness came to an end. December 16, 1773 – Was the day that the colonists created one of the most brave and historic events known to man. The Boston Tea Party. They dumped crate after crate of tea into the harbor and was showing their disagreement with the Tea Act. In 1774 - This act of rebellion could not go un-punished, so that's when the Intolreable Acts were passed. The Intolerable Acts were four different punishments toward the colonist. They were the Stamp Act, the Townshend Act, The Boston Port Act, and the Quebec Act. In September 1774 - The colonists organized the First Continental Congress to express their beliefs to their town and counrty. They knew that the Intolerable Acts were a direct violation of their American rights. Later on, The American Revolution takes place and the 13 colonies became the United State of America. Hope you enjoyed
our presentation on
The Boston Tea Party Sources
-wikipedia Timeline Summary
I think that the government has come a long way from then to now. They used to decide what they thought was best and no matter what was happening because of their decisions, they just left it alone Even with the kind of protest they got back then. Now a days, we live in a democracy where choices are made by the people. In 1773 the people were ruled by the British Parliament. So that's a pretty big change.
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