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Google AdWords Trends 2014

No description

Bradley Parcella

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Google AdWords Trends 2014

2. Extended Sitelinks

These allow you to add an additional 70 characters of ad text to your sitelink.

“It’s like an ad, within an ad.”

Google has implemented this across a few accounts and the CTR improvements are in the double-digit percent increase.

This will now impact your ad rank and CPC.

3. Review Extensions

Allows companies to show what customers are saying about them.

You can either paraphrase from a source or pull an exact quote.

Review extensions can boost CTR up to 10%.
4. Auction Insights Report

This report shows other advertisers who compete on the same keyword and how they compare.

Impression share:
63% of the impressions you're eligible to show up for.

Overlap rate:
This indicates what percentage of time example number 1 is showing up with you.

Position above rate:
This means 82% of the time, example number 1 is showing up in the results above you.

Top of page rate:
This metric is showing you that you're ad is at the top of the page 13% of the time. In comparison, examples two and three are not showing up as much as you.

Why use it? -
Because it can show

how competitive you are for a particular keyword and may indicate you should be more aggressive or are satisfied with the current keyword approach.

Friday, April 25, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
5 AdWords Facts & Trends from 2013
1. Due to the increase in AdWords competition, keyword prices are rising. The most expensive keywords continue to be insurance and lawyer related with keywords like “mesothelioma lawyers” now costing advertisers well over $200/click.

2. Smartphones and tablets combined for 32% of paid search clicks in Q4 of 2013 and accounted for 25% of paid search spending.

3. On Christmas Day an estimated 45% of Google searches worldwide occurred on a smartphone or tablet. This was the highest mobile traffic share day in 2013.

4. On average, the top 3 AdWords spots take 41.1% of the total clicks on a given results page. This includes both paid and organic results.

5. Google removed over 350 million "bad" ads from AdWords and the Display Network in 2013 (a 59% increase versus 2012) in an effort to increase the relevancy of each search.

5. Flexible Bidding Strategies

Automated bidding across multiple campaigns or within a single part of a campaign.
Google AdWords Trends 2014
Brad's Personal Tips & Tricks
Phrase and exact match keywords are a growing trend
Increasing relevancy of clicks (higher page rank and lower CPC)
Long-tail keywords
Negative keywords up the WAZOO!!!
Need to review actual search terms
Lowering bid prices (paying less for clicks on the 1st page)
Unique ad writing strategies
AdWords Trends for 2014
1. Optimizing Ads for Mobile

Starting to bid higher for:
mobile devices
specific geographic locations
time of day
AdWords Trends for 2014
AdWords Trends for 2014
AdWords Trends for 2014
Describing capabilities and trends to clients
Adding to our repertoire of strategies
Improving and expanding on our text ads
Designing a page to be relevant with H-tags and SEO

Why this is Important for You
6. App Download Ads

Users will be able to serve ads to users based on the apps they use, the frequency of use, and the types of in-app purchases they make.
These ads will allow searchers to open an installed app from a search ad rather than go to the app's landing page.
With most apps going unused after they’re downloaded, these search ads, on app-enabled devices, are aimed at increasing app interactions.
For these ads, AdWords will have conversion metrics such as: measuring engagement from install, re-engagement, and in-app purchases

AdWords Trends for 2014
Ad Writing Strategies
AdWords Trends for 2014
7. Shopping Campaigns

In late August, AdWords will be retiring regular Product Listing Ad campaigns and moving over to Shopping campaigns that are more retail-centric.

Here is what will be improved:
Shopping campaigns display Product Listing Ads in their own box on Google Search (separate from text ads).

Shopping campaigns use product groups to select which products you want to bid on.
You can subdivide your inventory into customized product groups using any product attributes (category, product type, brand, condition, item ID, custom labels)
You can use inventory filters to limit the products you want to advertise based on product attributes such as category, brand, or product type.

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