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Travel decision-making process

ePortfolio Modul 2

Wolfgang Kostenzer

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Travel decision-making process

a typical travel decision-making process
illustrated by using myself as an example

by Wolfgang Kostenzer
the background
After this summer term, I will fly to South Africa for a foreign semester for 6 months. I will leave on the 12th of July and will come back on the 11th of January 2013.

There I will visit several International Marketing & Brand Communication courses for improving my skills on this topics. My plans for travelling down there is not very detailed, but this work will follow...

Need recognition
Last year I read an article in the red bulletin, an extreme sport & culture magazin from Red Bull. It was about surfing & cliff diving in South Africa. It shows the beautiful fauna & flora down there.

I was totally fascinated about this amazing country...

Since I am very interested in surfing, skateboarding & culture
and beautiful & stunning landscapes with no crowds of tourists, I thought myself that South Africa could be a nice destination for me...

Search for information
The next step for me was to inform myself about South Africa in detail...so I started to surf the internet. I searched for several blogs, travel guide websites and posts in social networks...

information evaluation & evaluation of alternatives
I collected a lot of information during the last few months, so I started evaluating.

Based on my search for information I figured out that a stay at South Africa has the following benefits...

Amazing landscapes
surf spots
fauna & flora
stunning architecture
extreme activities (bungee jumping, safari, surfing, abseiling...)
& many more

I also checked possibilities were I can spend my foreign semester...

finding yourself
networking & socializing
break out of everyday life
improve skills
& many more

According to Uysal & Jurowski, 1993
Furthermore, this factors influenced my decision in the process...

Based on the information I evaluated, I finally decided to fly down to South Africa...

South Africa here I come...
Travel preparation & experience
On July 12th, I will finally fly to Capetown, South Africa...and will enjoy this sunny state at it's best...

Right after this presentation, I will start with the detailed preparation for this stay...

A lot of single decisions will be made with the same process.
Travel satisfaction evaluation
After coming back in January 2014, I will evaluate the stay in South Africa by comparing the expectations with actual experiences...


Information evaluation & evaluation of alternatives
Travel preparation

Travel satisfaction

Travel decision-making process
According to Kotler, 2011

Kotler, Phillip (2011). Principles of Marketing, Pearson, New York

Uysal, M., & Jurowski, C. (1993). An empirical testing of the push and pull factors of tourist motivations.
Annals of Tourism Research, 21(4): 844-846.

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