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Evan Scott

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of YourStory

YourStory Pilgrim Haven "Everything's pretty good" -Roy (a resident) “[Your own biography] is definitely a good thing
– a family thing – to have.” -Rod (age 87) “I want the kids to know a little bit about my life before I became an adult;
We’re living in different eras.” -Rod (age 87) Cottages that feel like home
Healthy full meals
Friendly Neighbors and Staff
Academic Classes
Excercise Room For busy, "with-it," yet humble seniors in independent living, HOW MIGHT WE change the intimidating, time-consuming, and seemingly self-important task of recording life stories for future generations into an easy, approachable, and social experience? POV A personal investment in future generations. Meet Arvid. Too busy
Too time consuming
His story isn't that interesting
"My brother though..." We don’t buy these explanations. A service to preserve oral family histories. How it Works. Don't you want to know where you came from? Weekly Activity Equipment Provided Interviewer Training Website Edit audio clips
Invite family members
Create a username Let's check it out! Easy, on schedule
Completely oral
Social activity
Future generations
Builds community Why? A larger network
Physical transcript
Historical significance
Full transcript