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Israeli Film Industry

No description

Jaime Nelson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Israeli Film Industry

Introduction Methodology Theoritical Framework
and significance Evidence/Analysis Counter Argument Conclusion QUESTIONS How does film construct social and political ideologies?

How is film used to represent Israeli cultural and political narratives?
Thesis Israeli films have become manifestations of social and political thought and promote socially constructed ideologies and narratives in a tension ridden and highly politicized society. Film has provided the people of Israel with a platform on which to construct a national identity that is inclusive of all cultural narratives, while in the realm of a highly politicized society that is deeply rooted in foreign policy. Analyze the role in which film has played in the construction of narratives and national ideologies on foreign policy by examining film (as a text), critiques, and the evolution of the film industry.

Primary Sources: Film and commentary of Israeli film directors and producers

Secondary Sources: Journals, think thank publications, scholarly works, books, and newspaper articles
Constructivism is the thought that portions of foreign relations are not resultant of being embedded in decision making, but rather resultant of social forces that construct ideology 3 Movies Waltz with Bashir

Key Themes The construction of the other
The use of emotion
A negative political narrative
Film has historically been a form of expression and is nothing more than an art form that has reached a new level of popularity in a modern society. Films are no longer just a piece of propaganda and play a vital role in the shaping of Israeli public thought, society, and national identity. It is these socially constructed ideologies that influence and shape the rhetoric of film as a text and allows for the evolution of film in society that has come to hold unsurpassable political implications and social importance. Lemon Tree Beaufort
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