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The Road to Rigor

Transporting students to academic success through enhanced instructional design

Jeremy Hillyard

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of The Road to Rigor

The Road to Rigor
Pre-departure checklist
"OK, this is definitely the right road...''
Rigor emphasizes skills over knowledge
Teach the subject, not just ABOUT it!
Connects to real-world contexts
Get those hands in there!
Relationships with students are KEY!
"Rigor City is pretty far away...I'm worried my car won't make it...''
Remember you have roadside assistance!
I'm your navigator, I'll keep you in "The Zone!"
It is not too far away that you'll give up!
You'll be able to get there on your own eventually
Sure! Just enroll in the Rigor City Reciprocal Teaching Program!
Take turns leading the way
In-car navigator is always available for help
Free membership to "The Zone" included
Transfers easily to other routes
Welcome to Rigor City!
Transporting students to academic success through enhanced instructional design
Your navigator:
Jeremy Hillyard
Spanish teacher
Easton High School

Rigor City schools have...
A lot of work
A lot of material to cover
HARD classes
Tests, tests, and more tests
"This is your captain speaking..."
Travel itinerary
Rigor City attractions
Right? Sounds rigorous enough to me...
(Washor & Mojkowski, 2007)
How many MPGS can I expect to get on this drive?
"What the child is able to do in collaboration today, he will be able to do independently tomorrow.''
(Vygotsky, 1978)
Notable citizens of Rigor City
Home of the 3 Rs:
Washor, E., & Mojkowski, C. (2007). What Do You
Mean by Rigor?. Educational Leadership, 64(4),
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teaching of comprehension-fostering and
comprehension-monitoring activities.
Cognition and instruction, 1(2), 117-175.
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from http://mentoringsimplyput.blogspot.com/2011/10/vygotsky-

Endler, A., Rey, G.D., & Butz, M.V. (2012).
An integrated model including
the concept of the Zone of
Proximal Development (ZPD)
and theory of flow [jpeg].
Retrieved from http://

(Endler, Rey, & Butz, 2012)
(Chaiklin, 2003)
(Murphy, 2011)
Chaiklin, S. (2003). The zone of proximal
development in Vygotsky’s analysis of
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educational theory in cultural context, 39-64.
Vygotsky, L. S. (1978). Mind in society
(M. Cole, V. John-Steiner, S.
Scribner, & E. Souberman, Eds.).
Is carpooling to Rigor City an option?
This is one experience you won't forget!
(Palincsar & Brown, 1984)
Possibilities for Reciprocal Teaching Program members...
Engaging in critical reading groups using current event articles
Solving multi-step computational problems
Designing and executing a science experiment
Creating dynamic multimedia presentations
Analyzing and interpreting historical documents
AND MUCH MORE! Whatever works for you!
Wow! What a great program! Now I can really see why Rigor City is such a great place! It really takes care of its visitors!
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