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Jamaican Sign Language (JSL)

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Melissa B

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Jamaican Sign Language (JSL)

Jamaican Sign Language (JSL)
Melissa Borer and Kayla Cicero
Period 2

Jamaican Sign Language is derived from American Sign Language.
Population of deaf Jamaicans - about 7,500
Alternate Names- JSL
Dialects- similar to ASL, with signed English
JSL is a new form of Jamican Country Sign Language, or Konchri Sain (KS)
Introduction to JSL
"The Jamaican deaf community is unified with a common identity and is very proud to have its own Jamaican deaf culture."
A capital D Deaf person can be decribed as someone who uses JSL primarily and identifies with the deaf community.
A "common" d deaf person may not identify with the deaf community or know JSL.
Jamaican Assocation for the Deaf has 13 Schools
Deaf programs to improve performance
Teachers sent to America&Europe to be trained
Deaf Education
Cochlear Implant
First Cochlear Implant surgery
2012- Children traveling to Miami&Cuba
2013- Aruba might establish procedure for Jamaicans to come over for medical treatment
Current situation with Cochlear Implants
First Cochlear Implant surgery

1938- JAD established/First Unit Class
1940s- School opened/JSL flourishhed among Deaf students
1950s- Identified&refered Deaf children to school/Started sending teachers for training
1970s- More schools open/JAD schools become grant aided/Audiological Services
1980s-Total use of JSL in JAD schools
1990s-JAD supoorts framework for National Policy on Disability
2000-2005-Different approach in Deaf schools/JAD supports community for Deaf drivers/services updated/partnership with United states
Deaf Culture
JAD (Jamaican Association for the Deaf)
The Jamaican Association for the Deaf was established in 1938 by Reverend Frederick Gilby.
Location of headquarters- Kingston, Jamaica
The JAD runs seven of the deaf schools in Jamaica.
Their purpose- to identify new goals, and set new standards
They believe that hearing is precious and must be protected.
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