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The Team Case Analysis: Why does this HR department get any

No description

David Monego

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of The Team Case Analysis: Why does this HR department get any

BGM &M Analysis:Why doesn't this HR department get any respect?
5 Experts
Five consultants were asked their opinions
How can they build a positive culture?
Improve the quality of work with accountability.

Define Loft’s values and goals with empowerment.

Train and educate everyone.

How can they transform from passivity to involvement?
Create genuine communication.

Give a sense of community

Reward and recognize talents.


Job satisfaction

High performance

Values that last……
The Outcome is
Luke Robinson

Why Hired
Barriers/Conflicts he encountered
Lunch with Rose
Lacks charisma
Communicating vision
Set unrealistic standards for HR department
The Dilemma
Luke Robinson wants to quit his job, he feels that he has failed in what he was brought on to do. After a year of effort, he feels little has been gained. He asks himself "Why doesn't this HR department get any respect?
Case Summary
Struggling culture
Loft Securities has hired a new HR leader
Needs to change reputation from irrelevant to necessary
All key elements need to be tied to strategic initiatives
1. Improve quality of HR by removing clerical errors
2. Define values and goals
3. Stressed importance of advocacy of value of HR as important part of companies success
4. Create positive work environment
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