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No description

Sarah Wozunk

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Pediophobia

the fear of dolls, related to
When I was three, my mom bought me a baby doll thinking that I'd love it because my older sister loved her dolls. I started to cry and I ran away from it when my mother gave it to me.

Since there are no specified facts or statistics about pediophobia...
I picked pediophobia for this project because I am terrified of dolls and I want to find an explanation as to why.
combinations of external events (i.e. traumatic events) and internal predispositions (i.e. heredity or genetics)
heredity, genetics, and brain chemistry combined with life experiences play a major role in the development of pediophobia
behavior therapy
anti-anxiety medicine
cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT)
exposure therapy, relaxation strategies
fear of ventriloquist's dummies, animated creatures, wax statues, and anything that represents a being that appears to have feeling or perceptions
extreme anxiety
dread, anything associated with panic attacks:
-shortness of breath
-rapid breathing
-irregular heartbeat
-dry mouth
-excessive sweating
-inability to articulate words or sentences
-embarrassment at your own reactions
Symptoms vary by the person's level of fear
After my family moved to our current house when I was 6, my bedroom was the first bedroom painted and decorated. My parents hung up shelves and decided to put porcelain dolls on the shelves and I refused to even go up stairs anywhere near my room.
Two months ago, my mom (as a joke because she thinks it's ridiculous how I'm scared of dolls) decided to put my sister's super old and beat up American Girl Doll in my closet off balance so that the next time I opened the closet door, it would fall on me. It was horrible.
taking medicine to help symptoms usually has
Elf on the Shelf dolls make my blood run cold.
no, thanks.
Sarah Wozunk
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