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Copy of Organizational Skills

How to keep school work organized

Savannah Hogue

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Organizational Skills

*It is important because you change classes and have multiple teachers.

Tip 1
Tip 2
Tip 3
Goal: Organization
Organization Tips

An essential skill needed
for success in middle school, high school & college
Have a separate plastic folder for each class. A plastic folder is more durable than a paper folder. If possible, color-code them that way you can easily find the folder you need. For example,
Red – Language Arts
Green – Science
Blue – Social Studies
Math - Purple
or Black and
Yellow – Reading

Tip 3: Have a Special Place
Congratulations! You have defeated the Monster of Disorganization Island and you have reached the ultimate treasure: knowing how to keep organized!
Apply all three tips and you will be the

Master of Organization!

Take the First Leap
Why is organization important?
Tip 1: Plastic Color-Coded Folders
Have a special place for everything and always put your things away.

Climb On Up!
on your path

Let's defeat the
Monster of Disorganization
Is this organized?
Tip 2: Calendar/Planner
Use your planner to keep track of important school events (homework and tests) and extracurricular activities.
Planner Scavenger Hunt
Now we get to
play a game!!

*Organization can prevent zeroes!

*Especially when you cannot
find your work.
Also label the two inside folder pockets with "Take Home & Turn In"
Write your assignments, tests, and deadlines down as soon as you get them, mark them off when you complete the assignment.
Always keep things in the same place so you know where to look for them and where to store them.
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