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No description

Mavis Dwobeng

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of THE QUIET MAN

: 1.The O'Grady family is noble but Big Liam is the exact opposite.
2. Both Ellen and Kelvin are trying to study each other without making it obvious. "It could be that she, too, was probing and seeking, unwrapping the man's soul to feel the texture" P.134
3. Big Liam owed Kelvin 200 pounds and he(Liam) weighed 200 pounds.
: 1. "Yet Fate had the thought and the dream in her loom for him" P.130
2. "Fate laid her lure for him" P.132
: 1.Great green curve, high black portals, glory of the sky P.131
2."He made her see the glare of molten metal, lambent vet searing, made her feel the sucking heat, made her hear the clang; she could see the roped square under the dazzle of the hooded arcs with the curling smoke layer above it" P. 134-135
"Big Liam looked once at Kathy Carey and looked many times at her broad acres. Both pleased him." P.133
"Going out to sweat in Ironville, or to bootleg bad whiskey down the hidden way, or to stand in a bread line"
Shawn Kelvin comes back from the States and finds out he's the last of the Kelvin clan left and that Liam O'Grady has forcefully taken their land, so he builds himself a house on Knockanore Hill. "And 15 years thereafter he returned to his native Kerry" P.130
He goes to church one day and sees Ellen O'Grady, Liam's sister. He takes interest in her. "But after a time, Shawn's eyes no longer fixed themselves on the celebrant. They went no farther than two seats ahead. A girl sat there. Sunday after Sunday she sat in front of him, and Sunday after Sunday his first casual admiration grew warmer." P.132. But he cant approach her because of the feud between the two families. "she had accepted no one, or, rather, had not been allowed to encourage anyone. Her brother saw to that." P.132
Big Liam gives Ellen to Kelvin because he wanted to marry Kathy Carey who didnt want to live with another woman. "When Ellen is in a place of her own, I will listen to what Liam O'Grady has to say." P.133
Shawn Kelvin(quiet,tranquil,young,easy master)
Big Liam O'Grady(mean,selfish,greedy)
Ex-navy pensioner(helpful)
Ellen O'Grady(careful housekeeper,good cook,notable baker, beautiful)
Kathy Carey(rich widow)
Matt Tobin(the tresher, A friend of Shawn Kelvin)
Kerry in Southwest Ireland
Knockanore Hill
"Gray chapel above the black cliffs of Doon bay" P.132
The O'Grady household
The feud between the O'Gradys and the Kelvins(man vs. man) P.130
When the couple think about what's happening in their marriage(man vs. self)P.138
: Do not take advantage of someone just because you feel like you can take them down.
SIMILES: 1. "But as quickly as the spring coiled, as quickly it slackened" P.137
2. "But his voice was as soft as a dove's" P.138
3. "Ellen O'Grady had been quiet as a statue at Shawn's side, but now, slow like doom, she faced him.
4 ."He's slow, but he's deadly as an ogre when he moves."
5. "It was bitter as gall." P.138
SUSPENSE: When Kelvin makes a decision but the readers don't know what it is. "He must do a thing so final and decisive that, once done, would never again be questioned. Before morning, he came to his decision, and it was bitter as gall." P.138
SYMBOLISM:Shawn Kelvin's farm
FORESHADOWING:"I would like to be there the day Shawn Kelvin loses his temper." P.136
After being together for time, Big Liam didn't pay the dowry like he promised. even though Kelvin didn't want the money, Ellen forced him to ask Liam for it to prove he wasn't a coward. After asking him for too long a time, Liam got tired of it so he picked a fight with Kelvin at the market, which led to a fight and some tension between the couple.
The next day, Kelvin took Ellen back to her brother, who in exchange gave Kelvin his 200 pounds but he threw it in the firebox. Liam got mad and the two angry brother-in-laws started throwing punches. Kelvin won both the fight and his wife back.
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