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BTEC Sport - Unit 2: Roles and Responsibilities of Officials in Sport

No description

Ben Maddox

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of BTEC Sport - Unit 2: Roles and Responsibilities of Officials in Sport

Roles and Responsibilities
Learning Objectives
Identify different roles and responsibilities of officials in sport

Describe the roles and responsibilities of officials in sport

Explain the roles and responsibilities of officials in sport specifically for their chosen two sports.
Officials in your sports
Officials Responsibilities
Interpretation and application of rules
Control of players
Accountability to spectators
Health and safety
Use of technology
Effective communication
Exit Task
Get your first post it note...

Pick one of the officials you identified

You need to describe to the group at least one of their responsibilities

Stick it on the door on your way out!

EXTENSION: Describe and explain at least 3 responsibilities - you could link this to YOUR sport.
Unit 2: Practical Sport
How many officials can you name for all the sports you can think of?
Officials in Sport
Third Official
Line Judge
Assistant referee
Touch Judge
Table Official
What is an official's role? What are the responsible for?
Used in cricket, netball, hockey badminton etc.
They are responsible for on-field activity
Ensure laws of the game are followed and make key decisions.

Used in sports such as boxing and athletics, gymnastics.

Ensure Laws and rules are followed
Make a judgement on performance
Often their decision will determine whether someone has won or not
In sports such as football, rugby, cricket.
Ensure Laws and rules of the game are followed.
Usually on the field of play
Have the authority to make the final decision.

Sometimes not on the field of play e.g. cricket.

E.g. swimming and athletics
Tells the athlete/swimmer when to start
Monitors false starts
Give out sanctions to performers when starting rules are broken
Communicate with participants before the race
Monitor time during the game

Record duration of game

Start and stop the clock to make sure the game is of the correct duration

E.g. Basketball

Your Task
With a partner you will be given some responsibilities of officials to research.
You have 10 minutes to research and write a description for what that responsibility means
After 10 minutes you and your partner will be working together to collect all the research from everybody's responsibilities together.
Daniel James & Courntey Thompson -

Niamh Simpkins & Callum Talbot -
Matt Spruce & Beau Tonkinson -

Ryan Tong & Lauren Rogers -

Rickie Edge & Matt Whiston -
Control of players

Sam Stevens & George Taylor -
Control of players
Ross Alcock & Natasha Busby -
Accountability to Spectators

Dan Bullock & Courtney Ward -
Health and Safety

Zack Noble & Lizzie Evans -
Interpretation and application of rules
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