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Eurosport 2011

Presentation of Eurosport International Media Group

Cherifa GAID

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Eurosport 2011

59 countries N°1 Pan-European Channel TENNIS FOOTBALL MOTORSPORTS WINTERSPORT DISTRIBUTION 47 countries 50% of programmes are Southern Europe
Countries Western
Northern Europe Central
Eastern Europe & other countries 138 M different viewers in 2010 (Source peoplemeters) 96 M different viewers in 2010 (Source peoplemeters)

120 M different viewers in 2010 (Source peoplemeters)

133 M different viewers in 2010
(Source peoplemeters)

+ POSITIVE VALUES Human Scale Organization Flexible & multiple advertising solutions

Sport is part of Daily News
Benefit from Positive image of Sport
Televised sports attract a steady, reliable source of highly rated programming. The loyalty of Sport fans to their preferred team or sport generally means a high degree of return or repeat viewing. BEHAVIOURALLY: With the rise in the notion of engagement, sports has stood out as a source of “lean-forward” television, where the viewer is judged to be more involved with the programming. ATTITUDINALLY: DEMOGRAPHICALLY: They represent an opportunity to reach High Income Men, generally considered a light viewing group. Sport Viewers: lucrative viewing group and "Ad-receptive" iPhone Application Free to download

Available in 9 languages

Already 3 M downloads

In 90 countries Only 1 click to attend your content Source: EMS 2010 DEDICATED PROGRAMMES
FOR SPONSORSHIP FOOTBALL SPORT NEWS UPMARKET SPORT MAGAZINE SPORTAINMENT Eurosport has Twice more loyal viewers than CNN Case Study A 360° campaign Spot campaign on Prime Time Ad break

Premium Football Events environnement Sponsorship Campaign around teh Football Magazines "One to One" Tailor Made programmes and On ground investigation by Eurosport Journalists On Line campaign with heavy presence in Home page & Football section 2 min vignette broadcasted 16 times

Multiple topics to prepare a champion (mental, physical, academic) 5 min vignette broadcasted 32 times

Aspire achievements for Youth all over the world 4 min vignette broadcasted 18 times

Company's Development and Marketing strategy highlights Sponsorship of the Yearly Event "Toulon Youth Football Festival" Stadium Branding and visibility Follow-Up of Qatar Team during Toulon Tournament Broadcasts at Qatar Matches’ Half-Times Videos and exhaustive content available upon request
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