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Product-Market fit

No description

Pelin Bicen

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Product-Market fit

section #1
A. explain in detail who may be interested in you...

what jobs are you getting done?
(1) Function (2) social (3) emotional...

B. what basic needs do they want you to meet?

C. outline the context in which a job is done

Product-Market fit
section #2 - Gain
A. which savings would make customer happy? (money, effort, time)

B. how do current solutions delight your customers? (features, performance, quality)

C. what would make your customers' job or life easier? (more service, lower cost, flatter learning curve)

D. what positive social consequence do they desire? (makes them look good, status, increased power)

E. How does your customer measure success or failure? (performance, lower cost, lower risk, more fun, better quality)
Section #3 - Pains
A. what do your customers find too costly? (time, cost)

B. how are current solutions under performing? (lack of features, performance, malfunctions)

C. what are THE MAIN difficulties and challenges? (what are the big issues, concerns, worries)

D. what barriers are keeping them from adopting? (upfront investment cost, learning curve, resistance)

E. What makes them feel bad? (financial, social, technical problems)
Section #4: Customer Persona/ Archetypes
who are they?
- position/title
- age/sex
- role (decision makers
- how do they buy?where do they buy? how much money do they have?
- motivations
- role models
find the fit between your product and market you want to serve...
what you are building?
who wants to buy it?
what jobs are you getting done for them?
connect your value proposition with the customer segment...
who is the customer context?

user, influencer, recommender, decision maker, economic buyer, saboetur... (you need to understand the archetype for ALL)...
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