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Why Technology is Bad for Society

Prezi for Language Arts Project

Shalzie K

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Why Technology is Bad for Society

-Technology has appeared to have a positive impact on society
-However, it has actually caused countless problems, from global warming to health problems like myopia and cancer
-There are many ways regular people like you can help stop this situation
-You could rely less on communication technology and actually talk face to face with your friends.
-If we all stop relying on technology for everything we do then the world will be much more peaceful

In Singapore -> 80% of teenagers are myopic, up from 25%, just 30 years ago, and 80% up in Israel for 14-18 year old boys.
Technology Can Be Bad For Health
First of all, technology is unhealthy.
We are exposed to x-ray radiation with TV's, computers, and other technology.
-On your cell phone -> brain receives radiation

-Radiation causes brain disease since the brain receives larger amount of radiation
-In 2008, 26% of all IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) complaints were from internet auction fraud
-Additionally, computer fraud accounted for 3.8% of all complaints, each person losing an average of
-Expressions can be missed in texts and emails.
How Technology Today is Bad for Society
Also, technology can affect people's social behavior as well as their academic behavior.
-To add onto computer/TV addiction -> behavior more aggressive
- Proven that when staring
at a computer or TV screen you blink less

- Decreasing eye-vision greatly in a short period of time
Although many say technology makes
looking up information and communicating
with people a breeze, whatever you are
doing on the computer, radiation is still
-Once people -> done looking
up info or socializing
-Won't want to get off like
drug addiction as said before.
Some people say that technology can be helpful to look up info and connect with people.
-Reliance on technology can
be dangerous
-Info on internet can be right as can be wrong ->
- Hackers
-With more technology, more electricity is being used

-Soon, USA won't reserve electricity to support the whole country. What do we do then?
In fact, according to study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation, an average kid from 8-18 years spends about seven and a half hours a day using media.
Technology has caused an increased rate of crime from internet auction fraud to cyberbullying.
-Statistics from Canada -> sitting down all day is contributing factor ->obesity
-Risk of death -> 1.54 times higher for sitting people
As well as unhealthy to humans, technology is also unhealthy to the earth.
Health Stat
Do you have an iPhone, iPod, or any
touchscreen device?
- Touchscreens -> vulnerable to germs and viruses
- Results from study done in Journal of Applied
Microbiology ->
- 30% of a virus transferred to hands, leading to colds/flus
-Do you check your smartphone or iPod before you go to sleep?
-Studies show that bright
lights from devices disturb a good night's sleep
- Suppressing the production of melatonin that tells your body to rest
- Trick brain into thinking it’s daytime.
By Shalini Kunapuli,
Daniel Wang,
Aashiq Shaikh,
Jasmine Zhang, and
Arielle Obsioma

-With new devices out annually -> stay up to date, even when money not available

-Causes more debt and possibly bankruptcy
-With bankruptcy and debt -> stressed and agitated
-Affects behavior and social life
-Tend to use abbreviations/shortcuts to say certain things when texting/chatting

-Example: "lol" really meaning "laugh out loud"

-These decrease grammar intelligence -> affect speech and writing

-Guns promote violence
-Damage one's personality or train of thought -Brainwashing the person
-As well as problems of fraud/hacks -> is violence.

-People get impression that violence is ok
-Soon -> deaths
Weapons are also bad for health and can hurt or kill people.
-PSN Network Hack - April 20, 2011
-77 million people's names, addresses, birthdates, emails, and credit card numbers -> stolen
-Just one of numerous illegal and dangerous feats people do

-Technology has ability to affect social behavior dramatically as you are addicted, like drug addiction.
-Too much time on computers/TVs wastes time
-Exercise on the bottom of priority list
-People don't make social connections with friends
-Shown that many rely on cellphones/ Internet -> communicate and avoid awkward conversations
-Easier to express ideas in face-to-face conversation
Technology is changing our lives.
-Certain disease that developed with technology -> sitting disease
-Sitting in front of technology -> increases chance of heart disease, diabetes and obesity
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Though many people say that technology is useful and helps society, in reality, technology is unhealthy and can cause social and academic problems.
Background Info/Interesting Facts

The average car produces a pound of pollution every 25 miles!

First four countries to have television: England, the U.S., the U.S.S.R., and Brazil.

Car airbags kill 1 person for every 22 lives that they save.

90% of our technology, upon which we base so much of our modern lifestyle, was created within the last 150 years.
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