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Olive Baboon and the African Elephant

No description

Stephen Camp

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Olive Baboon and the African Elephant

The African Elephant and Olive Baboon's symbiosis What type of symbiosis is their relationship?

The relationship of these to animals is one of mutualism. (Where both animals benefit) What do they do for each other?

The african Elephants will dig holes in the soil which will then collect water for the baboons to drink. The Baboons return the favor by howling/Shrieking really loud if danger is near alerting the elephants allowing them to escape. The Olive Baboon
The Olive baboon is a primate. The Olive Baboon has a Olive tinge to its coat hence it's name. Olive Baboons mainly live on the savannah near woodland areas but also live near human settlement and on steep rocky plateaus (ex. The Great Rift Valley). The Olive Baboons are omnivores that like most primates live in groups. The African Elephant
The African Elephant is the largest land mammal and has very big tusks and Ears unlike their asian cousins. The African Elephant lives predominately on the savanna but will also live in forests. It is a herbivore. The African Elephant will travel in herds. Sources
http://pin.primate.wisc.edu/factsheets/entry/olive_baboon/behav Danger!!! Run!!! (Hears warning)I gotta get outta this place Other Interesting Facts
The African Elephants Hunted /poached for the valuable ivory in their tusks
Olive Baboons will carry their young on their back just like other primates.
At a very Young age have been observed to swim and dive in Nigeria.
Olive Baboons use grunts to communicate.
Notice the coloration of the bottom like most baboons. Stupid Baboon had to warn the Elephant about me. I could so go for some Elephant steak right now.
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