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What is Film Studies? an introduction

No description

Victoria Bostock

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of What is Film Studies? an introduction

What is Film Studies?
Can't we just enjoy films?!!

Yes......... but ask yourself what is it about the film expierience that gives you pleasure?

With a partner try and identify what is it about films that give an audience pleasure?.............
Lesson objectives
To begin to understand the different approaches to studing Film
all: Will understand that studying film requires more knowledge than simply going to the cinema

most: Will begin to think more analytically about the study of film

Some: Will be able to identify some of the different approaches we might take when studying film
is here
is important
Refective analysis
is important
Activation: Top 2

Which film do you think made the most globally in 2013
What does this tell you about the type of films that are sucessful with Audiences globally?
Discussion:Going to the cinema
Qu1: How often do you go to the cinema?
Q2 : Why do you go to the cinema?
As a group, decice upon a definitive list
How Often do you watch films at home?
Do you watch on your own or with others?
Do you usually wtch films you have recorded from TV?
Bought DVD?
Film channels?
Do you discuss the films you watch with others?
What do you discuss?
Who do you watch films with?
What things do you talk about?
So when we think about the study of film what areas/aspects might we be analysing?
Activation 3
Which of these three films was the top grossing British made film?
What does this tell you about sucessful UK films?
Crystal Ball
So what is the future for Cinema?
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