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George Vancouver

No description

Jimmy Vonhenson

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of George Vancouver

English Sailor George Vancouver Mt. Rainier, at 14,110 feet,
honored his friend Rear Admiral Peter Rainier Mt. Baker, the 10,778-foot volcanic peak east of Bellingham,
was named after his third Lieutenant, Joseph Baker. George Vancouver sailed
for England. As you can see, Christian Denominations
are about 75% of all religion in Canada, Here is the an example of British culture
in Canada. These people are celebrating Christmas which is a holiday that is celebrated in both England and the U.S. George Vancouver He also discovered Hood's Canal. It was named for the Right Honorable Lord Hood. Rear Admiral Peter Rainier.
A friend of George Vancouver and you probably just figured out why he named a mountain after him. Lord Hood He named Marrowstone Point for the island's alleged deposits of marrowstone. Marrow Stone is pretty cool huh? The areas that George Vancouver discovered and claimed have a significant British influence. They primary language there is English, the main religion is Christianity, and even the names are British. Hence the name British Columbia.
It's obviously a Spanish name. Guess what?! Vancouver discovered Whidbey Island too! Whidbey Island honored the master of the Discovery, Joseph Whidbey. He discovered Vashon!!! Vashon Island was named for Vancouver's friend and colleague, Captain James Vashon. Tip: This is why it is good to be friends with an explorer. You might get something named after you. GEORGIE LIKED TO NAME THINGS!!! And Christianity is about 80% of religion in the U.S. Protestant is the predominate form of Christianity in these areas. George Vancouver claimed the Pacific Northwest. THE END!
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