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Session Musician

No description

Alex Piatti

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Session Musician

"For as long as I could remember"
Loved to play on Grandmother's Piano
Learned early on to have an ear for music
Would 'write' songs on the piano whenever I was at my Grandmothers
'Clicked' with music
Iron Maiden-Steve Harris
School Influence
Started as in Davis Elementary Band
Mr.Fitzpatrick and Mr.Shiskovsky taught me the basics of music
Moved on to high school marching band starting in 8th grade
Later joined in to help with the pit in the school plays
LaRocco Music
Enrolled with LaRocco Music almost 8 years ago
Gave me the opportunity to perform in different settings
Gave me the skill necessary for this career path
Fullerton Community College
Estimated Tuition: $896
Estimated Boarding: $0
Estimated Cost of Books: $1,656
Estimated Personal Expenses: $4,185

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: $6,737
Estimated Grant Aid : $3,208
Career Path
Band Recording Contract
Bands receive a majority of money from album sales
Bands can receive around 10%-20% from each album sold
Get do be paid for doing what I love
Promotes creativity, originality
Possibility to travel all over the world
Entertaining masses of people
Disturbed-John Moyer
Black Sabbath-Geezer Butler
Lamb of God
Motorhead-Lemmy Kilmister
Black Sabbath: Into the Void
The Sword: Cloak of Feathers
Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast
Session Musician
Very wide range of pay for gigs
Minimum set by the American Federation of Musicians
It's a tough industry, can be very opinion biased in some aspects
Can be stressful, heavily relied upon
Massive 'highs' and bad 'lows'
Not the most stable career
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