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The Christmas Tree

No description

Jake Thornburg

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree


The History of the Christmas Tree
Though the beginning of the tradition began long before, German Christians have been putting up Christmas trees since the 16th century. It was not until 1747 that the Christmas tree tradition reached America. Throughout the 1840's, the tree was considered a pagan tradition and was not accepted by many groups of people. It became popular in 1848 when Queen Victoria encouraged her husband Albert, of German origin, to decorate a tree like he did in his childhood (History). People would decorate trees with tinsel, apples, and candles, as well as glass ornaments that were introduced in 1870. Edward Johnson invented the first Christmas tree lights in 1882 (All About History). "The Christmas tree was originally set up in Christian homes and called a paradise tree, representing the garden of Eden." In the 16th century people would hang evergreen branches during the winter solstice as a reminder that the green would come back (History). No matter where the tree came from, almost every family will have one at Christmas.
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A Christmas Tree Tradition
The Christmas Tree Representation
How the Christmas Tree Has Affected Us
This tradition in the United States entails a Christmas tree propped up by a fireplace in a house. The Christmas tree may have presents resting underneath the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning (History). Other countries also celebrate the Christmas tree tradition, but in different ways. In Brazil, families decorate pine trees with cotton to recreate snow. In China, people use "artificial trees that are decorated with ornaments and spangle designs, paper chains, flowers, and lanterns called 'trees of light'." Other countries like France and Greenland celebrate the Christmas tree tradition as well (Pick your own Christmas Tree). These traditions symbolize the holiday season and spirit of christmas time. The purpose of these trees is to express the Christmas joy and holiday spirit of people and families. Today it represents new life and a soon to come new year of happiness.
The Christmas tree has affected us by allowing us to realize that it means more than just a piece of nature standing in our house. It is a symbol of spirit, happiness, and festivity. Christmas is not the same without a tree, and all around the world trees are decorated in almost every house. They will always express the joyful spirit of Christmas time, and show the importance of religions and cultures across the globe. Weather you celebrate Christmas for a religion or just as a holiday, you have a Christmas tree. It is one of the universal things that helps bind us all together at Christmas. This tradition will continue to affect us from generation to generation.
Of all the Christmas traditions we know and love, the Christmas tree is easily the most popular. Almost any home you walk into during the Christmas holiday will have a tree set up and decorated. Christmas trees have evolved a long way since the time they started. The Christmas tree has come from being hung with apples and candles, to being heavily decorated with personalized ornaments and lights. We now have options of adding stars or angels, colored or white lights, and a lot more. We can even put up sparkling lights. No matter how you decorate your Christmas tree, all around the world people use it for the same purpose; to bring happiness and joy into their homes.
Jason Briggs
Jake Thornburg
Amir Abed
Trent Kibby
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