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DV Scoreboard

Here are some tips for using multi media in Prezi. More specifically, it goes through the various file formats that work with Prezi, how to find free high quality images, how to insert video files, and examples of high quality documents and images.

Mauro Angelillo

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of DV Scoreboard

WHAT ARE qwerqwerqwer qwerqwerqwer Vector Image Interattivo Integrato Il software per i tuoi supporters Copy a YouTube Link... OR Import an FLV Video... Coinvolgente! Formats: PDF or SWF Formats: FLV or YouTube Link ? Bitmap Image Convert
.ai or .eps ------> .pdf or .swf
in Adobe Illustrator Find free vector images online Great for Company Logos Vector Images work Lo spettacolo a tutto schermo
Pixalated Background Image Disappears when Zoomed in too close No Pixalation Image Based on Lines, Points, and Colors Maximum Zoomability Possible Spettacolare Spettacolare Interattivo Integrato Integrato Interattivo Presentazioni multimediali delle squadre:
Coinvolgi il tuo pubblico mostrando le foto dei protagonisti delle partite Le squadre in campo:
mostra i volti dei giocatori che scendono in campo ad ogni set
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