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Group Business Strategy

No description

Jannie Geldenhuys

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Group Business Strategy

Group IT Strategy - ZA Pilot
Group Business Strategy
Focused, low cost paper businesses with reasonable margins and strong cash flows
Growth in Specialised Cellulose-based solutions
Healthy Balance Sheet
Sappi Southern Africa Business Strategy
Fix the Paper Business
Grow Specialised Cellulose
Fix Balance Sheet
Business Interviews
Supply Chain
ZA IT Strategic Initiatives
Alternatives to big number items (SAP, Microsoft, etc.)
Alternatives for non-core SAP components
Capitalise on SA lower cost capability
Question things
Alternative MES for PPP
Unified comms
Self Service Integrated Service desk
Information management
Consider a service broker model
Complete Outsourcing
Justify Business Plan based on Business Benefit
Process optimisation/standardisation/simplification

Step 5
Focused, low cost paper businesses with reasonable margins and strong cash flows
Matching assets to demand
Cost reduction programs
Optimise value chain
Ease of doing business
Growth in Specialised Cellulose-based solutions
Expansion of cellulose production capacity
One face to CC customers
Reporting on a global level
Healthy Balance Sheet
Reduce debt
Increase EBITDA
Forward Integration
Sell or Close
Bio Energy Projects
Bio Chemical
Waste Streams (Lignosulphates)
Supply Chain
Logistics Management
Order Entry
Real-time Information
Social interaction with market
Forecasting Accuracy
Export marketing opportunities for Packaging
Better Analytics (Bad BW)
Real-time product costing
Production Planning and Forecasting
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