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Copy of Student Workshop 3.2

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jacob pope

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Student Workshop 3.2

Three Parts of the Mind

The Conscious mind perceives the world or your reality through the sensory input of the five senses and maintains adequate contact with reality.

The Subconscious mind - records and stores our interpretation of reality.

The Creative Subconscious mind - maintains your reality by making you act like the person you see yourself to be. In order to keep our sanity, you must act like your subconscious picture of the "real" you.
Self-talk is the constant conversation I have with myself as I constantly judge and interpret my own experiences.
Comfort Zones are where you feel you belong.

As long as we operate in our self-image we’re comfortable.

Comfort zones keep us from growing.

Only when you are out of your comfort zone you can grow.
Attitudes are the directions you lean toward in relation to a goal.

Attitudes are not good or bad until you set a goal.

Attitudes that are not helping you be successful can be changed.
You and I move towards and become like what we think about.

The key to changing directions is to control how you talk to you!
There are both positive and negative Role Modles in our lives.

Role models : those having influential power over us.

Role models are very important people we believe have the power to make us something we already are.

We get our beliefs by listening to and accepting what Role Modles tell us.
Can you see in yourself what others may not?
"We are either the second creation of our own proactive design or we are the second creation of other people's agenda, circumstances, or past habits."

S. Covey
Self-Esteem is how one feels about oneself.

In order to raise self-image, it is important to control self-talk.

You build your self-esteem with your own thought.
Our self-image is made up from all of the beliefs we hold about ourselves.
It’s all about Character

Watch your thoughts; They become words.
Watch your words; They become actions.
Watch your actions; They become habits.
Watch your habits; They become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Frank Outlaw
Excellence is a matter of thinking differently, not working harder.

High performance people are very skeptical.
Affirmations work through our mind’s eye to describes a future- present condition by reconditioning truth to allow us to see, feel, and believe in other alternatives,
causes us to take action,
allow us to see ourselves and others differently, and
it is all about me.
Most blind spots are self imposed.

Blind spots keep us from reaching
our full potential.

Keeps us blind to new possibilities.
Truth can be seen only as you see it to be.
Imagine the Possibility

The human being is the only animal that thinks about the future.

The greatest achievement of the human brain is its ability to imagine objects and episodes that do not exist in the realm of the real, and it this ability that allows us to think about the future .

The human brain is anticipation machine and making predictions about future is the most important thing that it does.

Daniel Gilbert, Psychology Professor Harvard Universality
When we lock on to one possibility we lock out other possibilities.

We also lock on to ideas, beliefs, truths and opinions that we get first.

We all go through life rejecting information that does not agree with our beliefs.
Our self-talk builds up or tears down our self-worth.
Our subconscious makes you automatically behave like you know you are.
If you want more out of yourself, change your thoughts about yourself.
Our subconscious corrects for doing good or not doing good.
Self-esteem is how one feels about oneself.

In order to raise self-image, it is important to control self-talk.

You build your self-esteem with your own thought.
Words trigger pictures which bring about feelings and emotions.
Positive self talk leads to positive self-image and positive self-image leads higher self-esteem and better performance.
It is the self-talk going through your mind that builds the belief system which you then act out.
all that we will ever become is in our self talk
self talk contr0ls your performance and matches your opinion of you.
All meaningful and lasting changes start first in the imagination (minds eye) and work its way out into reality.
Making the Most of your ECPI experience
Jacob B. Pope, Jr, Ed.S.
Campus President

Ensuring Professional
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