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No description

abdelrahman elkholy

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Interviews

Types of interviews "adminstration"
sequential interview
panel interviews
Mass interviews
Types of questions
The interview's stages
Some Errors
One interviewer and Multi. interviewees
one interviewee and Multi. interviewrs
Job related
structive "directive"
Before the interview
Job descreption
His Curriculum vitae " C.V."
Your Note
Seating system and the area around him
During the interview
Ice breaker
Hint about the interview steps
you should listen
you should take notes
After the interview
Answer his questions
1- Don't evaluate the person him self.
2- Don't take first impression about any one.
3-like me error.
4- contrast error or canditaties order error.
5- dont lnow what the job required.

Ask him about any thing that need to be clarified
Phone interview
+Ves: more effective than face to face interview to show some interpersonal skills - focuse on answers rather than handshakes
-Ves: applicants prefer face to face.
Video interview
look well - clean up room - test first - dry run - relax.
one two one interview
how to make Effective interview
Analyze the job
Rate the job Main duties
Create interview questions
Create benchmark Answers
Appoint the interview pannel and conduct the interview
Effective interview
know the job
Structure interview
questions on actual duties
Use types of questions
Same questions for candidates
Get organized
Establish rapport
Ask questions
Take note
Close the interview
Review the interview
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