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karen zuniga

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of scenarios

scenarios physical circumstantial •How should Alexander approach this situation?
•What kind of attitude should he take?
•· How should Alexander address this issue in his final reflection and presentation?
•· What is his strategy for including/not including this incident in his presentation? 1) Tell the truth 2) Sincerely and realistic

3) Neutral Emotional elderly woman The problem:
Alexander notices that the elderly woman he is helping argues and with the nurses. When he asks her why she argues with them, she claims that they treat her differently because she is Hispanic. Alexander starts paying attention to how the nurses interact with the elderly woman. He notices that the nurses are composed of differently races, such as white, black and Hispanic. Some of the nurses concur with the elderly woman’s claim that some of the staff does treat non-white residents differently. However, other nurses disagree or do not wish to disclose any information. During his last semester at the university, Alexander has decided to start volunteering at a retirement home as part of an internship for his degree in social work. His final project is to write a reflection over his volunteering experiences, keep a weekly journal and create a final presentation. Alexander is assigned to an elderly Hispanic woman in her mid-seventies (students can create the woman’s name). The elderly woman ambulatory but does not walk too much, so she needs help doing daily activities such as bathing, having someone present when she goes to the restroom and outside. Unfortunately, she has no living relatives to visit her. Alexander has agreed to volunteer at least ten hours a week, however, once he starts volunteering, he develops a strong friendship with the elderly woman and she begins to ask him to visit her more often because the nurses do not provide her with the assistance she needs.
While volunteering at the retirement home, Alexander witnesses a dispute between two elderly residents. One of the residents involved in the dispute is an elderly white man who claims that one of the Hispanic nurses stole his wristwatch while he was sleeping one night. The elderly man wants Alexander to act as his witness in how the Hispanic nurse denied taking the wristwatch. Alexander agrees to act as the elderly man’s witness, however, the elderly man claims that the Hispanic nurse made disparaging remarks about him being white and blaming her because she is Hispanic. Essentially, she claims that he is stereotyping her because of her race. The director of the retirement home facility requests that Alexander visit his/her office and fill out an official report of the incident. On my opinion, Alexander have to do the right thing which is try to help Hispanic interns, who might not have nobody in the world just nurses and doctors in the retirement home. In close, elderly Hispanic interns need to live in a quite place and comfortable, as the Americans interns do. As a result ,Alexander has to report what nurses are doing to interns. solution and response ARGUMENTS AGAINST THE SOLUTION:
1.Arguments to the first solution may be that many Hispanic interns are afraid of making like a revolution inside, just to have a better treat. Possibly the only thing they may get is a worst treat.
2.If what the elderly woman said about nurses its true; alexander might be afraid of telling the true to the manager, and loose his credit while volunteering.
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