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Louis Theroux- Print Media Analysis

Research on articles of the documentaries created by Theroux

Lauren O'Neill

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Louis Theroux- Print Media Analysis

Louis Theroux Print Media Analysis Telegraph: Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia

•He is described as ‘endearingly weedy’ however, ‘endearing’ indicates he possess attractive and engaging qualities therefore showing they are in favour of him
•The article puts ‘and won a bafta’ in brackets. This adds more information onto the sentence and as winning a bafta is a positive thing it makes him look good
•They appear to be in favour of Theroux and do not speak critically of him
1)How is Louis Theroux represented through the articles you have addressed? Telegraph: Louis Theroux documentary on paedophiles prompts viewer complaints •This article tends to focus on the documentaries content rather than Theroux
•Received complaints as people did not like the luxarary lifestyles of the paedophiles in prison
•Image of Theroux looks as though he is guilty/ in-trouble indicating the content of the article

New Statesman: Louis Theroux: the city addicted to crystal meth
•‘After so many years as a documentary-maker, can Theroux really be this naive?’ this sub heading indicates the article could be critical of Theroux. ‘naïve’ has connatations of immature and inexperienced therefore showing that the documentary could be a mistake?
•‘the expression on Theroux’s face!’ this is almost mocking Theroux making him appear vulnerable and weak
•On the image Theroux looks uncomfortable holding the baby and the caption is ‘the boy who never grew up’ this gives a child like impression of Theroux.
Telegraph: Interview: Louis Theroux •This article questions ‘who is Louis Theroux’ which indicates the reader will gain knowledge of the off screen Theroux
•The article has a humour to its tone as at the end of sentences rhetorical questions are used to keep the reader engaged
•The image of Theroux gives him a positive image as he is infront of the addicts and as the shot zooms on him it shows he is the dominant person (he is in control)
Gaurdian: The interview Louis Theroux •This interview builds up anticipation for the readers describing Theroux as ‘fearless’ which makes him appear tough and hardened towards his job
•This interview also shows a lighter side to Theroux as it is talking about cosmetic surgery which indicates he is a diverse documentary maker
•The end of article includes ‘career in brief’ section which shows the success’s of Theroux making audiences want to watch other documentaries that he has created
The Independent: Louis Theroux: ‘When I work I like to be invisible’
•at the beginning of the article Theroux is described as passive (telling a lie to Moore in order to get the job) he wants to impress people and we get the impression he wants acceptance
•‘current obsession’ gives the impression that he is dedicated to his work and puts a lot of effort into everything he does
•The article says that even though we would think that Theroux makes the doc’s himself as he is so involved in then he always refers to ‘we’ when discussing them this shows his team are important to him making him appear humble and kind.
2) Telegraph: Louis Theroux: Law and disorder in Philadelphia 2)Are there any institutional issues raised/discussed within the articles you have accessed, or do you notice any issues that may be raised for the BBC to consider? •the article talks of how Theroux was not afraid of being shot, but afraid of dying in a car crash as a result of the bullet proof vest being to big for the seat belt to fit around. This could be an issue for the BBC as they initiated the vest in order of protection
•Theroux is following police chases etc and the article focuses on the dangerous side to what he is doing rather than a more positive side (raising awareness)
Telegraph: Louis Theroux documentary on paedophiles prompts viewer complaints •This documentary caused controversy as the prisoners were receiving exceptional treatment (x box, good food etc) the article focuses on this and defends Theroux
•The article is in the Telegraph (usually read by upper/middle class) therefore article is relevant and targeting an audience that these issues could affect (lawyers etc)
•The issues of drug use are covered within this article giving it a more serious tone.
•The writer does not seem impressed with the documentary and continuously mocks its content
•Represents the drug users/those trying to help/friends/family etc
New Statesman: Louis Theroux: the city addicted to crystal meth Telegraph: Interview: Louis Theroux •Represents the people who sometimes feel uncomfortable as a result of Theroux’s ‘awquard questions’
•Shows all issues raised within all Theroux’s documentaries e.g. drugs/crime/humour
•Covers institution of the BBC as it advertises when his next documentary will be shown
Guardian: The interview Louis Theroux •Issues- plastic surgery and the advantages/disadvantages it has on people
•Shows both peoples points of view- for and against and allows people to voice their opinions about the subject
•Surgery institutions are represented as it talks of the interviews Theroux has with doctors/surgeons
The Independent: Louis Theroux: ‘When I work I like to be invisible’ •Popular film maker Michael Moore is represented within the article as it talks of how Moore befriended Theroux’s before he was popular
•Celebrities such as Jonny Cash are mentioned therefore showing Theroux is popular
•BBC is represented in a positive light as at the end it shows the recognition of Theroux
3) 3)In what ways do the articles you have discussed contribute to the advertising and marketing of Theroux’s documentaries? Did any of the articles make you want to watch any of Theroux’s other documentaries? Telegraph: Louis Theroux: Law and disorder in Philadelphia •Positively advertises the documentary. It praises Theroux’s efforts and the way in which he conveys the documentaries meaning to the audience
•The article has humour when it talks of the seat belt that does not fit him. This makes the audience want to watch the documentary as they become aware that it is not all blood and violence as described by some
Telegraph: Louis Theroux documentary on paedophiles prompts viewer complaints •The treatment of the prisoners describe in the interview is intriguing. We all hear stories of how prisoners are treated well but the fact that the documentary shows the reality, encourages us to watch and engage further with Theroux’s documentaries
•The image is of Theroux therefore we recognise him and become aware that he has created a range of documentaries

New Statesman: Louis Theroux: the city addicted to crystal meth
•This article doesn’t really advertise Theroux in a positive light. It mocks him and puts down the work he has done
•The image however, makes the reader recognise Theroux therefore indicating he has more documentaries to view

Telegraph: Interview: Louis Theroux
•The article lists all the previous articles created by Theroux in the past. This raises awareness of his previous work and helps the reader engage within the article
•The article advertises the showing of the documentary at the bottom of the page which informs readers on when it can be viewed
Guardian: the interview Louis Theroux •Gives a brief overview of Theroux’s career and success
•The article is biased as the writer is a fan of Theroux therefore advertising him to a new audience

The Independent: Louis Theroux: ‘When I work I like to be invisible’
•Mentions relationship with Michael Moore- popular for making documentaries therefore people who like Moore’s films may want to watch Theroux
•Advertises Theroux’s DVD at bottom of the article therefore encouraging readers to purchase
4)Do the articles highlight Theroux’s preference to deal with social problems in his documentaries? Give reasons for your answer, using supporting quotes to help your analysis
Telegraph: Louis Theroux: Law and disorder in Philadelphia •This article focuses on Theroux’s documentary about gun and drug problems in Philadelphia
•It is a social problem and therefore shows his preference however, warns audience of the dangers of creating these documentaries showing that it is an important issue to be covered
Telegraph: Louis Theroux documentary on paedophiles prompts viewer complaints •This article only talks of the social issues covered by Theroux as it barely mentions his other documentaries
•It relates to the public as it talks of the complaints it received as a result of the issues raised ‘it received ten complaints…’ actual statistics support the point of view
New Statesman: Louis Theroux: the city addicted to crystal meth •This article almost mocks Theroux’s style of documentary making ‘the boy who never grew up’
•This could indicate that the issues he focuses on are not relevant and therefore spark further discussions
Telegraph: Interview: Louis Theroux •Lists all previous documentaries and includes quotes from Theroux himself
•Identifies the social issues raised within the documentary ‘didn’t feel that sympathetic’ this shows although Theroux is dealing with serious issues and people who suffer, he still keeps his own opinions and therefore will state when he does not agree with a particular thing.
Guardian: the interview Louis Theroux •‘Theroux's cosmetic surgery film perfectly illustrates the corner he is currently in as a presenter’
•This shows Theroux is a well respected film maker and the issues he raises are relevant
•Cosmetic surgery is seen as a growing issue as people feel the need to improve themselves
•This therefore is relevant to society today making it popular amongst the audience and article writer

The Independent: Louis Theroux: ‘When I work I like to be invisible’
•this mentions all the articles created by Theroux therefore showing the diverse range of work he has created
•Theroux also made documentaries on celebrities therefore showing that he does not just cover social issues
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