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Where Boskalis and I meet

No description

Wouter Kranendonk

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Where Boskalis and I meet

Where Boskalis and I meet? CONTENT

What I have to offer Boskalis
What I think is important in a company
Expectations of the traineeship
Where the support of Boskalis will bring me in 5 years What do I have to offer Boskalis
Academic knowledgde in Coastal and Dredging engineering

Practical experience: Work assignment KoninklijkeVopak N.V. Internship and graduation project Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster N.V.

Wide interest in the work related fields; like dredging, coastal morphology and coastal engineering. Not only focussing at one discipline.

Motivated for individual and professional growth

Social and accessable What I think is important in a Company

Space for professional and personal growth

Good work climate

Challenges Expectations of the Traineeship

Fast growth in both pesonal development and experience

Get to learn the organization and a lot of colleagues

Dedication to work and enjoying the experience Where the support of Boskalis will bring me in 5 years

Personal development to become an independant professional

A position where I operate the most effective, and where I can get the best results out of myself

Good insight in the different disciplines to succesfully make a project

A good knowledge of the organisation, both at operational and management level
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