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Jacks IceCream Company

No description

Jake Keats

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Jacks IceCream Company

By Bob, Jake, Iziah and (Liam)
Jacks Ice Cream company
Contact and Payment Details
Kids IceCream
Chocolate Express
Our kids ice cream shows the fun of a train and the yummynesss of chocolate. All togther to they make for the best kids ice cream.
Adult IceCream
Raspberry Delight
Company Cards
Jacks Ice Cream Company
By Bob, Jake, Iziah and Liam
About the company
Jacks stands for high quality ice cream with no hefty fees.
Our mission is to make the yummiest ice cream and spread to all four corners of the earth.
The staff
Robert Martin (Company Engineer)

Liam Wills (Robot Inspector)

Iziah Paul Mahinay (Floor Maneger

Jake Keats (Official Spokesman)
Our adults ice cream is a berry flavoured delight for those adults with a sweet
heart and a sweet tooth.You could say its berry nice. Its and old recipe with our jacks inervation do enjoy.
The Jacks Ice Cream company is not like an ordanary ice cream company, unlike ordanary ice cream companies the Jacks ice cream company is located in the big slide of Frankits park.
Workers at the Jacks ice cream company get payed $30 an hour. Our email is JacksIceCream@gmail.com .
Our Phone is 0987654321 and our website is www.JacksIceCream.co.nz .
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