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Courtney Coffey

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of SS8H9

World War II in Georgia SS8H9 says...... The student will describe the impact of World War II on Georgia's development economically,socially, and politically. Events leading up to the U.S. involement WW2. Essential Questions Why did the United States get involved? How did Georgia help during the war? How did President Roosevelt impact the state of Georgia? What impact did the Holocaust have on Georgians? Lend-Lease 50,000,000,000 Dollars worth of Suppiles were sent to Europe. The Lend-Lease brought the U.S. out of the Great Depression becasue of the mass production of supplies. Jump Starting the Economy Bombing of Pearl Harbor One of the worst days in U.S. history. One of the very few attacks on this country December 7, 1941 2,402 men were killed 1,282 wounded We were unsuspectingly attacked by the Japenense. A day that will live in infamy During the war, the United States tied to stay Neutral. But they were soon forced to involve. Georgia's military bases played a crucial role in preparing the nation's soldiers for the war. Georgia's Military Bases Bell Aircraft Savannah and Burunswick Shipyards The plant created hundreds of jobs which helped to bring Georgia out of the Depression. Because of the importance of airplanes in warfare, this plant produced many of the planes needed. Others include: Fort Gordon Fort Benning Fort Stewart Because of the importance of airplanes in the war, this plant produced many of the planes that the nation needed. Georgia's greastest military contribution was its' shipyards. Roosevelt recognized that the navel would be important in winning the war. All served as some of the largest training bases Important People: Richard Russell One of the two powerful leaders He served as the youngest member of the United States Senate the youngest governer in GA's History Elected in office in 1933 Worked hard to push FDR's New Deal programs through congress Also served as Senate for Naval Affairs Committee & as Senate for Armed Services He often traveled to visit US troops during WWII Would often visit US troops during WWII Became one of the first offiecials to argue about how the US needed military bases in foreign territories in order to help secure international stability. Carl Vinson The other powerful leader in congress Served 50 years and first elected in 1914 Nicknamed "The Father of the Two-Ocean Navy" He argued that the U.S. should stregthen it's army if it wanted to remain secure. President Roosevelt
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