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Many info. on Cerium

Alejandro Alvarado

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Cerium

By Alejandro Alvarado Cerium How are they found? In Science Where is it found? How is it bonded? There is only a few elements that are capable of bonding with cesium, they are oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and all halogens. Cerium is used in a lot of different things like in television,in fluorescent lights, cerium is also in scientific studies such as carbon-arc lighting. So cerium is very useful in science. Located on the crust of the earth it compromises .0046% of the earths crust weight. it can be found on many different minerals like monazite, allanite, bastnasite, etc. They are found as minerals and are solid at room temperature, located within other minerals. In What Minerals Are They Found? There are many different minerals that contain cerium such as thorite, mixite, monazite, perovskite, and many other minerals that contain cerium and many other elements. Where Is It Found? Many people believe that rare earth metals are rare to find but they are not, cerium is located on almost every on the earth but it's only a small fraction of the many minerals on the earths crust. Damn
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