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Hospital Management System(HMS)

No description

Lazoorda La

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Hospital Management System(HMS)

Hospital Management System(HMS)
In this assignment , we talk about Product benefits , Software process model , Requirement elicitation , Modeling , Test cases and Risks of Hospital Management System(HMS) .
The system online system offers a lot of features. The system will give all the information needed by the staff and how it can be maintained on government files and provide all the data to the state for future planning. Also, it provides jobs for young people and it will save time and money
b) Software process model :
We chose spiral process model to implement our program and this process of combining two element the design and models. In this model, upon completion one phase or single-phase can to show to the customer and get him more information and comment to move to the second phase and we kept doing it until we can finished the project.
In conclusion , we discussed many things , and there are Product benefit, Software process model, Requirement elicitation, Modeling, Test cases and Risks . We also benefited how the Hospital Management System(HMS)
work .
a) Product benefits
c) Requirement elicitation :
The main requirement of the product are :
The key inputs of the employee ( Password – User name ) .
The key inputs of patient (File Number – date ).
Input the patient symptoms of the disease .
Description the list of the medications for the patient .

D) Modeling
E) Test cases :
F) Risks:
lack of knowledge in programming is one of the risks in our project. So, the solutions these risks are:
reading technical books: reading books that speak of quality of law.
take lessons in how to write the program and strengthening our coding skills, related to the programs that we use.
exercise: writing small programs that do not have a lot of the knowledge to explore, and this will improve the some programming skills much more quickly.
learn from the good programmers how to write any program.
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