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The ABC murders

Gio e Lalla

Ilaria Malfer

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of The ABC murders

- 4th Letter
- 4th Murder: George Eearlsfield
- Mistake of ABC
- Cust’s waitress found a knife with blood
+ She realizes Cust has been away during every murder
+ Calls the police
- Cust escapes and surrends
- In his house: stockings, typewriter
- Poirot examines Cust and the whole case - 3rd Letter 3 days late
- 3rd Murder: Caramichael Clarke
- Suspect: Franklin Clarke
- Inspector Crome skeptical about Poirot
- Forming of the Legion
- Thora and stockings' seller - 2nd Letter
- 2nd Murder: Betty Barnard 25 July
- Suspect: jealous husband
- Police investigates Inspector Crome
- The case is known Fear
- Murderer is a madman Arthur Hastings Poirot - Fear that brother marry Thora
+ No money
- Asked Cust to be seen selling stockings
- Fingerprint on Cust’s typewriter Franklin Clarke - Hastings
- Alexander Bonaparte Cust
- Franklin Clarke
- One of the victims is not dead: s/he’s ABC
- Donald Fraser
- Inspector Crome Who do you think is ABC? Cust ABC - June 1935, 1st Letter
- Police doesn't care
- Poirot asks help to Hastings
- 1st Murder: Alice Asher 21 June
- Suspect: drunk husband Plot Mary Drower
Megan Barnard
Donald Fraser
Thora Grey
Franklin Clarke Special Legion - Hercule Poirot
- Captain Arthur Hastings
- Inspector Crome
- Detective Chief Inspector James Japp
- Alexander Bonaparte Cust Characters Andover
Doncaster - Alice Asher
- Betty Barnard
- Sir Carmichael Clarke
- George Eearlsfield Victims - Agatha Christie
- January 1936
- Unusual 1st and 3rd person narrative
- Genre: Murder Mystery Detective
- Format: Novel
- Location: England
- Murder Methods:
Blow to the Head,
- Recurring Characters:
Chief Inspector Japp The ABC Murders End - Cust convinced he wasnt' guilty
+ Received money from news paper
+ Wrote his story
+ Glasses
- Fingerprint was a bluff
+ Franklin tries to commit suicide
- Megan and Donald together
- Poirot new case Hercule Poirot - Insecure
- Didn't know who Poirot was
- Lonely
- Dejected
- Epileptic and headaches
- Innocuous
- Not good-looking
- Stupid
- Suggestible
- Insignificant - Brazen
- Cunning
- Ruthless
- Charming
- Clever
- Not madman
- Easy going
- Challenged Poirot To get off
To burst out laughing
To be a rolling stone
Everything fells out well/bad
Words failed him
To go to pieces
To find a nut too hard to crack - Belgian retired detective well known
- Short and plump and mustache
- Black humor and dry wit life not too seriously
- Observant and listener
- Success and money stubborn
- Always gentleman - British Officer
- Best friend of Poirot
- Helps in the investigation
- Optimist, naive
- Voice over - 15 September 1890 Torquay, England
- Challenge
- Six romances
- 66 detective novels
- 15 short story collections
- Guinness Book of World Records Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller Agatha Christie Favourite parts Mr Hercule Poirot,
you fancy yorself, don't you, at solving mysteries that are too difficult for our poor thick-headed British police? Let us see, Mr. Clever Poirot, just how clever you can be. Perhaps you'll find this nut too hard to crack. Look out for Andover on the 21st of the month.
Yours etc.
A.B.C. Favourite parts Poor Mr Poirot,
Not so good at these little criminal matters as you thought yourself, are you? Rather past your prime, perhaps? Let us see if you can do any better this time. This time it's an easy one. Churston on the 3oth. Do try and do something about it! It's a bit dull having it all my own way, you know!
Good hunting. Ever yours,
A.B.C. Themes - Difficult married life
- Familiar conflicts
- Crimes due to passion and jealousy
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