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Design brief

No description

Nick Barraclough

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Design brief

Year 8 Graphics tech By Nicholas Barraclough For technology (graphics) we had to design a swing tag for a piece of clothing. we needed to create two samples of the logo, one on paper and the other on a piece fabric that Mrs Hampson would print out for us on that piece of fabric and we will then iron the logo on to a piece of clothing that we had chosen to make our logo on. Design brief There are many design limitations for this project. such as missing out on lessons, a few times a term there can be events that would interrupt the lessons we have,such as house day this means we miss out on time we could be doing our prezi or logo or even our swing tag. another factor is equipment Design limitations a well designed graphic image will have a
detailed description
apropriate time-action plan.
A good prezi
detailed sketch
accurate PMI's Criteria for success Mono
Rubic Thinking Investigating PMI P: its unique M: its plain i: P: Looks ok M: kinda plain i: P:Looks good M:not very rememberable I: PMI P: easy to remember M: plain i: P: unique M:all over the place i: PMI PMI P: easy to remember
M: Plain
i: P: look good
i: P:
M: not very recognizable
I: P: looks nice
I: P:
M: to far apart
I: I chose mono I could attach the swing tag to the sleve or pant leg of the clothing. i think i did half meet the criteria. i guess i was successful but i got of track a bit. when i was doing this i did a bit of the prezi then some of the logo etc etc. if i had the time i would make another one i thought it was fun. i think the best features of my design was the logo. the prezi was probably the trickiest part of the project and the swing tag was the easiest. Evaluation Time Management Plan
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