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The Industrial Revolution: Railroads, Canals and New Highway

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Keith Scott

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Industrial Revolution: Railroads, Canals and New Highway

People used iron for wheels and other things like the tracks themselves.
At first the British built briges out of wood but by the middle ages they could be built out of stone.

Railroads where important because It allowed the transportation of goods and raw materials in faster and in easier way.
Railroads were built by slave. They were invented in 1776 in Germany.
The Rocket was the first steam locomotive to hit railroads.
The Rocket was one of his inventions.
George Stephenson and his son Robert invented a multi-tubular boiler for the now-famous locomotive Rocket.
Canals were man made waterways.
They helped industrialist to move large quantities of large materials.
Some improvements that were made on canals where that the were being made bigger so that large ship can go through.
John Macadam created new road techniques.
Canals and Highways
To improve roads they used ditches to drain water when it rained.
These improvements helped because it helped speed up our everyday lives.
Streets would not be filled with water because there where ditches to soak up the water.
The canals were improved to help transportation on water.
The Industrial Revolution: Railroads, Canals and New Highways
More on Railroads
George Stephenson
Canals and New Highways
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