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Basketball On the Moon

A Physics Assessment

Hunter Gibbs

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Basketball On the Moon

On the Moon! With less gravity, the players would be able to jump
greater distances, albeit at almost 1/6 of the speed on earth The Players The time of games would need to lengthened to compensate for the slower gameplay due to more gradual fall from gravity The Game Path would become a wider and taller parabola The Ball The court would need to be at least six times the length
and width to compensate for the new attainable distances the court So many aspects of the game require earth's gravity to still be useful ALL DUE TO GRAVITY! Would spend more time in the air without an increase of force Time without Force Because of the above, the ball would travel a greater distance, higher, and longer, but not faster The height they could be able to jump, depending on how much force they pushed off the ground with, would be significantly taller More time and greater distance Much greater height The hoops would also need to be wider and higher off the ground (at least six times the regulated height) because of the new conditions Six Times the
Measurements Taller and Wider Hoops A more effective way to limit out-of-bounds recoveries would need to implemented, perhaps with the addition of walls to stop in-flight basketballs The rules about fowling would need revising because of awkward movements due to the new terrain and conditions For safety of the players, tethers of some sort could keep the teams grounded but be long enough to allow for midair tactics The moon's gravity affects the ball, the players, the court, and the rules of the game itself The less powerful gravity requires so many possible changes to be made
to the rules and regulations of basketball, that a
new sport may as well be created Distances would need to be completely re-measured to compensate for the new distances the players can jump and toss Safeguards would need to be implemented to keep players and basketballs from accidentally floating off into space because it would take so much longer to begin to fall back towards the surface All of these changes are only because of the change in gravity to 1/6th of that on earth! 564 ft. x 300ft. 60 ft. tall
108 in. diameter
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