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Medieval Carpenter

No description

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Carpenter

Medieval Carpenter
BY: Reese and Nolan

Daily Routine
The First thing we do when we wake up is go eat breakfast. After that, they usually went around asking if anyone needed something fixed or built. that took up most of the day. If they are not doing that, they are either building houses or trading for materials they needed for their job. after a tiring day, they went home and ate dinner, then went to bed.
What was the importance of your job, and what level of society were you in.
What is the process of making your product?
The first thing we had to do to make our product was get wood, then we had to measure the wood, after that we had to cut the wood, next we nailed all of the pieces together, finally we screwed on the hinges and it was finished...... then we repeat it....... and repeat it over and over again.
What materials, tools, and equipment did you need and where did you get them?
In order to become a carpenter, you would have to start your training when you were 11 or 12.
during training you would make small wooden items. Towards the end of your training you would be put to the test by building a large item, such as a house.
How did you learn craft?
A carpenter was one of the most important jobs in medieval Europe
They where one of the most important because they built houses and walls that were used for protection.
We used wood that we got from my house, my dad cut the wood for us using an (electric) saw, we used an (electric) sander that we got from my house, and to put it all together we used a nail gun also from my house. "VERY MEDIEVALY"
We weren't in the group of peasants, but we weren't considered royalty either, because most of the peasants could not afford the materials or tools we used. We weren't considered royalty either because we still had to work on a daily basis and give 90% of profit to nobles.
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