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Amelia Daggett

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Education

In the 1800s, schools in the United States were mostly private or religious. To some, education was considered non important and that the less fortunate should not receive an education.
Mary Lyon was born on February 28, 1797 on a remote New England farm located in Buckland, MA.
She was a pioneer and an education leader who wanted to make education for women more popular.
Lyon created a world-wide model of higher education for women. She developed a college specifically for women education, which was Mount Holyoke College.
Jacob Haag, Eliza Bailey, Amelia Daggett
Why did Education need to be Reformed?
It was difficult to obtain a good education and educational opportunities were not available for most children. Reformers helped to create schools and learning opportunities for all children. The first public high school opened in Boston, MA in 1827.
Horace Mann
Horace was well-known as the, "Father of the Common School."
Before he became Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education in 1837, he was a lawyer and legislator. He created The Common School Movement, where everyone could receive a basic education funded by local taxes.
Mann was also a visionary educator. He worked to increase funding and for better trained teachers who were all mostly women. Mann also strived for a longer school year. Not only did he influence teacher training schools, but his ideas were spread throughout Massachusetts and expanded to other close by states.
Catherine Beecher
Catherine was educated at home until she was ten years old, then went to a private school where she was taught limited curriculum because women were not taught the same as men. Then, in 1824 Catherine opened a private school for young ladies in Hartford, Connecticut. With her father, Catherine later traveled west and opened the Western Female Institute in Cincinnati. Sadly Catherine did not have enough money to support both schools so they both failed. Creating these two schools for women, she was later recognized as one of the early promoters of higher education for women.
(1797- 1849)
"The great want of our race is perfect educators to train new-born minds, who are knowing of what is right and true." - Catherine Beecher
Catherine Beecher originally spread her messages by creating schools that gave women an equal education. She would have used an Instagram post to spread the news about her schools for women. Students and parents would then be able to see and learn about the school and decide if it was an appropriate education for them.
- Very costly
- Learning environment was not good
- School system was unorganized
- Poor children had less opportunities
- Excluded certain religions, races and genders.

In 1827, Massachusetts required the establishment of public school districts, however it didn't require actual schools to be built.

There were 10 million people who couldn't read and 25 million who did not know how to do math.
"Without undervaluing any other human agency, it may become the most effective and benignant of all forces of civilization."
-Horace Mann
Horace Mann would use Twitter to communicate his message of better quality public schools and teacher training. With the use of retweeting, more people could see his ideas and Mann would gain more support. He could also increase funding for the schools.

Mary Lyon would choose Facebook because she can put out her idea easily and have other people be able to comment on it. If someone was looking on her web page and wanted to learn more about her post, they can select more information and they can learn about it. It is easy access for everyone that uses it and not confusing for any ages.
"If anyone thinks he has no responsibilities, it is because he has not sought them out."
- Mary Lyon-
who was
Mary Lyon
She was an educational leader who wanted a better education for women. She grew up on a big farm in Massachusetts. As a young adult, Lyon was left by her mom to live on her step-dad's farm. Mary now had to find a new lifestyle and pursue her dreams by herself. Her life goal was to prove that women are as humanly capable as men, so she created a college just for girls. It is known as Mt. Holyoke College.
In 1832, Catherine and her father created the Western Female Institute in Cincinnati. She was unable to come up with sufficient funding and the school closed within 5 years of creation.
can u read this
can u read this
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