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LA245 E1/I1/J1 Class#1

No description

Professor DiCocco

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of LA245 E1/I1/J1 Class#1

BU SMG Fall 2013
LA245 Introduction to Law

Professor J. DiCocco, Esq.

SMG 515-B
202.531.6006 (call or text between 7am - 8pm only)

Office hours: Monday 4 - 5pm, Tuesday 12 - 1pm, and by appointment

Textbook: Beatty and Samuelson, Legal Environment, 5th Ed.

Basics of the Course
Syllabus and Expectations
Corporations are people ...?
First Amendment right to "freedom of speech"
Citizen's United v.
Federal Election Commission
What is it?

Why do we have it?
Go through course syllabus

Read Chapter 1, pp.2-20
For Next Class
Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission
Citizen's United, a nonprofit organization, produced a documentary film on then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The group wanted to run TV ads promoting the film. The BIPARTISAN CAMPAIGN REFORM ACT of 2002 banned "electioneering communication" by corporations and unions for 30 days before a presidential primary. Citizen's United challenged the constitutionality of the Act, claiming that it violated the 1st Amendment.
a "5-4" decision
role of law in society
"political speech"
"the court has recognized that 1st Amendment protection extends to corporations"
"corporations and other associations, like individuals, contribute to the discussion, debate, and the dissemination of information and ideas that the 1st Amendment seeks to foster"
Class #1
Rules that regulate the conduct of persons within a society
- Model behavior
- Social expectations
- Societal values
Course GOALS
- 1 paper
- 2 exams
- 4 STBQ
= 20%
analysis + relevance + no jail
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