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Deciduous Forest

No description

Jess A

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Deciduous Forest

Average Rainfall and
Average Temperature
Average Rainfall
A Deciduous Forest's rainfall average is
30-60 inches per year.

Deciduous Forest
Jess Abrevaya- D block
Gina Anastasiades-A block
Chris Montalto- D block

Facts From:
Pictures From:
Average temperature
The average temperature is 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Deciduous forests can be found in north and north eastern USA, they are found in northern Europe central eastern South America. Deciduous forests can also be found in central eastern Asia. They are scarcly found on the coast and islands of Australia and central and north eastern Africa.
By: Gina
By: Chris

Running River
Video From
Picture From
Facts From
Red=Deciduous Forest
Bird Sounds
Video From
Interesting Facts
The trees provide
shelter and food
for the common animals in the
The growing season of the trees last about six months
Average Temperature
and Rainfall
Interesting Facts
Trees contain sap and use
it to keep their roots
from freezing in the
The trees lean toward the sun in order to collect more
energy from the light that
it gives off.
By: Jess
and Gina
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typical plants in deciduous forest
typical animals in deciduous forest

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Common plats and animal citations
there can be moss sometimes
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